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Lion's Gate Activation

Welcome, we are currently in the astrological time of Leo, ruled by the Sun, Solar energy. The time from July 26th to August 11th every year is also known as the Lion's Gate, an highly-charged energetic portal that opens up when the Earth aligns with the Star Sirius and bathes the Universe and planet Earth in an energetic upgrade, filling us with new and higher levels of consciousness and creation-abilities. Sirius is a Star Portal where The Great Central Sun sends forth Its Highest Spiritual vibrations, LOVE'S LIGHT, through to all in this particular Galaxy to usher in the next wave and stage of Galactic, Universal, Planetary, Collective, and Individual evolution.

We and the planet are all in a state of evolution and building our New Earth dreams together. To accomplish this we receive new Water and Light Codes at various times throughout the day and year. This new energy activates various energies within our DNA and helps co-create the living experiences our consciousness requires for its expansion.

Every year the sun, Earth, and star Sirius occupy specific points in the sky field that open up the portal between the physical and spiritual.

Sirius Star is known as Our Spiritual SUN and represents new inspiration, insights, Mental/Thought Energy, and Awareness allowing all in the field to open to greater divine wisdom held inside the cells of their being. It's similar to a computer upgrade when new programs and software are installed, giving one the ability to do more than it was capable of doing before. This energy assists us with the Ascension Process, our journey towards Enlightenment as it awakens or activates our DNA with the new LIGHT, representing the Masculine Mental/Thought Energy, and WATER, representing the Feminine Emotional/Feeling codes.

This time is active from July 26th to August 11th with the zenith occurring on August 8th, 8/8--today :)

8 sideways is the symbol of Infinity, and it is this Energy that all in expression and form are an extension of, the Infinite Creative Power and Energy of SOURCE. During this time we are linking into SOURCE'S infinite energy of abundance, prosperity, material rewards and creations to assist us in healing the past, stepping fully into the present, and building the life in our Heart's dreams!

Original SOURCE's Solar BODY is called The Great Central Sun and is where ALL Beings Originate/emanate from. This Highest-Frequency energy is sent forth from the Great Central Sun and accessed through Sirius Star and its Blue Ray for this part of the Galaxy. Sirius holds the energy of the Spiritual Cause behind the Physical Effect. Together the Blue Ray and the Golden Ray of our Sun stimulate and activate various energies within our Universe, Planet, World, and each one's Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Bodies.

This year is extra special because of our Leo-Aquarius Eclipses.

Leo represents the King/Queen/Governing Aspect, while Aquarius represents Humanity, the Collective. We are working lots out in those realms :) ... with each person moving closer to regaining dominion over their energy field.

July 13th New Moon in Cancer and Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer

A powerful New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer. The Divine Feminine within all will be opening to receive new Solar Light Codes for the New Earth and our Journey towards Enlightenment. The Diamond Light Codes will be intense and the Diamond Water Codes will purify and clarify as we prepare to enter the first New Earth Time Cycle in August.

July 26th, The Planetary New Year, where New Timeline Spirals are activated

July 27th Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, Full Blood Moon, activating the collective shadow emotions as we are confronted by what needs to change and all that comes up in regards to it (fear, anger, sadness, etc.)

August 8th The Lion's Gate, the height of the super-charged energy coming towards the Earth from the Great Central Sun and our Sun--our infusion of powerful SOURCE Energy to assist us in our growth and evolution...building the New Earth and our new lives. :)

You may be experiencing increased anxiety, irritability, frustration, anger, sorrow, issues with memory or mind, impatience, lethargy, exhaustion as we move through this transformative time. Relax and remember to breathe as you move through the emotions that come up.

Time marches on and there is no going back, onward and upward we go.

We will be letting go of all unsupportive or destructive habits that are no longer in alignment with our authentic selves and this next phase of our life journey (such as unhealthy, toxic relationships, obsessions, repetitive, negative thinking, releasing attachments to people, belongings, or situations that have caused trauma, old patterns of behavior that no longer serve our success, opening up the space to invite all that supports this next stage of our development.

Keep in mind that this time can be turbulent, but you have a connection to SOURCE within you that can help you weather the astrological climate and all that comes up in your life--the frequency of LOVE in your Heart.

The 8th of August is an incredibly intense, potent, high frequency day. I suggest you take it easy and take some time to connect outside with healing nature. Come join me on my 1st Official Gathering to tune up your energy field, tapping into the higher frequencies of this highly transformative time.

I am hosting a special Lion's Gate Activation today Wednesday, August 8th 2018 for the special introductory rate of $28 at 5:15 p.m. PST until 5:45 p.m. PST I will email all participants the number to call into around 4:15 PST today.

I will take you through a reconnection to SOURCE within you, releasing and running energy for Earth (3rd dimensional Earth and our new 5th dimensional Earth), our Sun and its Golden Ray, and Sirius Star and its Blue Ray energy. We will collectively harness the frequency of LOVE to set intentions for body, soul, and planet. We are powerful as we are, and we are also more powerful together. Let's build something beautiful!

If you can't make the live call I will have the recording available for purchase after.

*You can pay me through Paypal ( ) $28

or Venmo ( )

Beautiful Ones, We are in an exciting time! That doesn't mean that sometimes it won't feel like we are being squished and pulled apart--all part of the growing process. We grow through our challenges and our triumphs, shedding our old shell so that our true inner magnificence can shine through. Remember to breathe deep and often, and tap into LOVE's frequency in all that you come across and all that comes to you!

All my love, Jamie

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