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Following our July 4th Independence Day celebrations, may we all go for Freedom-- Freedom from:

judgment and condemnation of self and other,

closed heads and hearts that stand stuck in the polarity war of duality, mired in insanity, intent on winning at the expense of others, instead of working together,

and freedom from pain, the pain within our mind, body, and soul.

Wisdom knows we all carry the purposely-created wounds of Duality within us, and Compassion understands everyone is trying to the best of their present ability, some motivated by and expressing in the negative and some by the positive. The negative energy is neither better or worse, right or wrong, it's just temporarily wounded, giving us the ability to play/create/express/experience in the contrast. When we become aware of it we can continue the wounding or we can start the healing. To heal the wound we must transform the energy, lovingly escorting it from its hell back into Heaven, through our loving Heart.

Compassionate eyes see the parts in pain and desire their healing. They don't judge these parts for being wounded, they love them as they are and yet desire the best for them, knowing that they were made to be the wounded so we all could play and create with it, and that LOVE was the energy that had the power to reshape the wounded energy into wholeness again.

With an open head and heart, take a stand for cooperation, consideration, and compassion, lovingly and non-judgmentally transforming the energy of the shadows you see into the LIGHT of LOVE, lack into abundance, greed into a spirit of generosity, hate into acceptance, un-forgiveness into forgiveness, and fear into LOVE. Share your beauty and brilliance instead of squandering this chance to bring more love, beauty, health, and wholeness into the world. From our wounds we can either weave more death and pain, or greater life.

Choose LOVE to transform the dead negatives, raising them back to life.

Let's give freedom to all within us that is bound in pain.

Let's make the divided energy whole again!

We are united in life and LOVE, no matter how separate we seem.

All my love, Jamie

Hello Beautiful Person,

Do you desire to be free from the chains of shadow mental and emotional energy? To be able to understand, reshape and recreate the energy creating the challenges and problems and pain in your life and body? To build your LIGHT Body and move closer to being the En-LIGHT-ened One? I am putting together a beta online course, and you can come learn with me in August how to transform and heal the negative energy inside of you with the power of your Heart and the magic contained in its 4 Chambers. Dates and details to be announced soon! Enjoy your 4th of July Everyone!

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