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Solving the Problem of Problems

We are the people that we've been waiting for, and the problems we see are our responsibility, built by energy inside of us. Blame, shame, and complaining will accomplish NOTHING, only keeping us stuck in a spiral of negativity. Focusing on the problems just keeps us seeing the problems. Looking at the problem and then shifting to seek SOLUTIONS places us in a much better space--the solution space. It is up to us to OWN and ACCEPT our personal responsibility in all of the things that we see on the planet--because if it's in your view, it's in you, and everything you withhold your unconditional love from is held in pain and hell inside of you and the world, and will create pain and hell for you, constantly returning to you until you heal it whole inside your very soul. As we RECLAIM our personal energy threads back from the outer forms and TRANSFORM them within us we influence the outer form. Our vibrational output, the point of our focus and way we are being, gives us access to resonant frequencies. When we are focused on the problems and what is wrong we are only able to notice more of what is wrong, by simply shifting our point of focus towards finding solutions or resolutions we begin to flow our attention-energy in those directions. Unconditional love and its companions, acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, and compassion are the energies we may connect with and apply towards changing the frequencies of the problems and challenges we face into the higher frequencies of the solutions--the way we heal the issues of the world within our soul.

It is also unfair of us to judge the problems that exist, for they were made by Us to teach us in the ways they do and to give us the chance to co-create together and come up with possible solutions and the ultimate resolution. They offer themselves up so willingly that we may eventually lift ourselves up and find a way to work through the challenges we face together.

So instead of seeing the dark side, look for the light. And instead of judging the dark for being dark, be grateful that it allows you to better understand and experience the light. If you didn't have the challenges you wouldn't have the joy of coming up with possible solutions and the fun of trying them out to see which one works best. Give thanks to the challenges for all they do for you. Life is for the play, the joy, the experience of it all--so take what is and make what is the best that it can be by being your best to it! The next time life delivers to you the gift of an issue, challenge, or problem tune into your Heart and ask It to guide you in coming up with solutions for all you are facing. Heart leads us down the roads we need to go on; LOVE lights the way for us to see the beauty in all that comes our way!

All my love, Jamie


I am currently putting together an online beta course on the Origins of Energy, the dynamics of subtle energy, and The Heart's Alchemical Transmutation Process--the power we hold within our human heart to energetically transform the negative energy threads building our negative experiences in life and recreate and rebuild our LIGHT Body in the process of becoming the En-LIGHT-ened Ones, as well as helping to heal the world--for the external reflects the internal. Stay tuned! :)

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