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The Shades and Shapes of Pain-- Reshaping the Self.

What is the purpose of the pain, when experience doesn't match the mind's script and the heart's longings go unmet? When things we have spent so much of ourselves on don't return much or anything to us? When what we want or what we have is taken away? When body, stuffed full of Shadow's emotions and thoughts, overburdened by pain makes moving through life unbearable?

Pain is a particular energetic pattern that is stored in the emotional/mental body inside the cells and tissues of the physical body that needs to be seen, acknowledged, understood, compassionately loved, and released. So many humans are bloated with anguish, and unrelenting, hungry expectations, trying to fill their lives with all kinds of things and people, attaching self, identity, and expectation to the things that fill their space--a precarious place to put ourselves in, as we may at times get to choose, in some part, what we fill our life with, but we don't always choose what comes, what stays, and what leaves. When our identity is wrapped up in things and those things leave, where do we go? And so many humans hold beliefs that expect to be let down, disappointed, to not get what they want, that nothing they do works out, that they are meant to suffer and struggle, to lose, to never win, to fail, that they are not enough. These ideas and beliefs shape life as it pours through us, building the forms all around us, leaving us with what these subconscious parts believe we will be left with/what they deserve. We swim in Duality's Waters and are heart-broken in parts and can't fault life for taking the shapes that the molds we currently are cause it to form. But we are not without power to heal the heart-broken parts and change the molds that we offer up to life to fill with its glorious creative energy. We can reshape the ideas these wounded parts of us hold and thus have a greater impact over the life that builds for us.

The pain we feel is real to the parts inside of us that have been given the assignment to hold the form, to play the role for our soul... and they show up when our Higher Self wants to give itself/us the chance to change the pain into Heart's Understanding once again... to restore another piece of pain and wounded energy back into the Heart of Wholeness. In order to understand we must be willing to look and connect with the darkness we hold inside. We must be willing to shine our LIGHT of LOVE upon it, freeing it from having to be the things that We kept hidden.

So what to do with the pain?

Surrender, Accept, Embrace... and yet the heart hurts and the eyes fill with tears for the death of what could have been, should have been according to the ego's ideas and dreams, or from the Pain itself, as it finally is being seen, accepted, and cared for for the first time in a very long time. Pain and tears come in waves, riding in with the thoughts pummeling the shoreline of our minds... and off we go into the flow of the sadness, allowing the tears to be a testament of our human heart's woe, as they bring down the walls built to protect heart and self, crumbling from the force of the waves of LOVE'S Emotion coming in to heal us. We cannot heal what we cannot see or what we cannot feel, and so sometimes we must be assaulted by these pieces of pain we hold inside, who continue to knock on the door of our Heart, begging to be let inside. Many of us for so long have walked blindly, carrying heavy loads and packages, unaware of all their contents; they try to grab our attention, softly at first, but growing more urgent and loud with each passing moment. We drift through life drunk on the ignorance of the forces that move us and oblivious to all we hold within. We control our destiny... or do we?

So many parts making us up, which one's in charge? Too many cooks in our kitchen and the kitchen is a mess and dinner is late, or worse, burnt on the stove. Now what?

What will we eat? Are we even hungry? Too many emotions in the belly, bringing with them a rising tide of nausea. More tears, the heart aches, begging for us to sit and watch and feel it ALL. Releasing judgment of the pain, letting the salty water carry it down our faces. Knowing that this too shall pass and we'll be free from the heavy emotions buried deep inside us, and that the healing we chose to run through us is helping to release more from the Mass-mind we all share and also easing the planet's pain.

Beneath our cool, grounded exterior lies aspects who feel deeper than clouds can go. Into cavernous regions hidden from light, traversing Poseidon's terrain in the emotional sphere, these parts of us swim, emerging from the depths of our inner being with all our shadow pain. Things bubble up to be seen by the light of the Sun. Something has to die, so something new can take its place... and so we bury our dead expectations and negative beliefs and await what is to be born into their space, intending with our Heart for it to be good. Having the courage to sit with emotions no one wants to be playmates with, we grow to want to know, see, and feel it ALL. We can no longer be afraid or ashamed of what's inside of us. We must love it all with a love that's true in order to set it free, freeing ourselves in the same breath.

Letting sadness go and pain release, opening to all in front of us. No longer bound by silly expectation, filling up with growing anticipation for the shapes that life can now take for us. And so we stand with the memory of past, looking forward through the fading tears and a smile spreads across our face, as LOVE comes in to take pain's place.

Life brings you pieces of yourself, both whole and wounded parts, reflected back to you in all that's in your view. Each present moment is an opportunity to gather up another piece of a puzzle that was created by the Higher-You in a former Time and Space. Each piece holds the truth of its being. The greater Truth that shaped each aspect's truth is the Truth of LOVE.

When Eternal Truth connects to temporary truth it brings with it Surrender, and Surrender walks with Trust and Trust leads you in towards LOVE and Understanding. Trusting that you are where you're meant to be and all is working out perfectly...

May you all find peace and passion and presence in the precious gift that is Your Life! May you take your pain and sit with it, inviting and holding into your loving Heart.

LOVE is the key that unlocks the chains binding the pain.

LOVE is the warmth that unfreezes the frozen emotions and icebergs of pain we and the Earth hold inside.

LOVE is the energy that has the answer to any question one could ask and soothe any pain that might be hidden. You just have to be listening to the right frequency to hear what IT has to say.

All my love, Jamie

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