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The Path to Freedom from the Pain

I had to walk the path of pain

and shed sorrow's tears,

walking hand in hand with fear,

so that I could help you

walk to freedom


all that weighs you down

and keeps you

from flying.

I stand before you owning every aspect of my infinite mortality

and claiming,

every aspect of My Infinity!

My wish is that the wicked turns to wonder

that all that I've been through serves the purpose of awakening

the magic within you!

--that the storms with their lightning and thunder

energize and activate the force of the PRESENCE that inspires all.


These words speak to your heart as TRUE...

May they heal the wounds in your body, mind, and heart,

and lighten the heavy load of burdens you carry.

May you feel your awakening start

and a freedom from all that makes you weary and wary.

May you Breathe Air that is clean

and Drink Water that's pure.

May you Feel the Fire of Inspiration

And Walk the Earth in delight and fascination.

I hold the space for your healing and magical unfolding in these shifting times...

hoping for your beautiful metamorphosis and complete transformation through the LOVE that's Divine!

Your Heart holds the keys to free you from the pain, filling you up with LIGHT in all the spots the light has been drained from. Tap into the LOVE you carry within and send it forth out upon all you encounter. LOVE'S radiant energy will transform everything it touches, both within you and the world!

All my love, Jamie Ferry

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