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Good? Evil? It ALL serves SOURCE (LOVE) and it all serves you!

You have a body, but you are not your body.

You have thoughts, but you are not your thoughts.

You have feelings, but you are not your feelings.

You do things, but you are not what you do.

You have had many names, worn many masks, and played many roles since Your Soul's creation, some "good" and some "not-so-good", all serving your Higher Soul and the natural unfolding of Source energy within the World(s) of play.

You are the Energetic Essence of LOVE watching all of these things arise in every moment, and along with your physical body, mind, and soul (emotional memory body) are the channel through which the ENERGY expresses itself.

We currently live in a world of Duality on Earth.

Duality/Polarity: the state of having or expressing two directly opposite tendencies, opinions, experiences, etc.

And, it is through the interplay of the two opposing forces that allows us to experience and greater understand the totality of our selves through the experience of contrast. Shadow and Light, evil and good, fear and love, negative and positive, hot and cold, low and high, poverty and abundance, sadness and happiness, anger and peace, death and life, etc... all exist so that we can experience all possibilities of what we can be, do, or have, creating diverse experiences from these points of energy, like one giant energetic toy box for Spirit to play and create with.

This dance of Duality is reflected in the battle between Heaven and Hell, which wages on within the inner worlds of all who are playing within the Grand Duality Energy Experiment. Our Higher Souls are Immortal Beings having many different and varied living experiences in a variety of bodies and identities. We came into these human forms to play within contrast, to grow and evolve our understanding of what it feels like to be and create with certain aspects. Heaven is Eternal, but Hell is temporary, for the Shadow is a temporary creation within the lower dimensions that were set up for the Duality experiment. When each individual field has finished playing with the Opposite Shadow aspects, fully understanding the wisdom each holds, they will transmute them back into their Original state of being, LOVE'S LIGHT, through the powers contained within their heart field and the human heart's 4 chambers: acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, and compassion adding up to the LOVE of The GOD-Being, or pure unconditional LOVE.

The devil you see is the devil in thee. The outer reflects your inner energy. You are stuck with the form the outer is presently presenting in unless and until you take it back through the Heart's Field to transmute the lower form back into a higher form, using the *Heart's Alchemical Transmutation Process.

The Devil is fear, God is love.

The Devil is dis-ease, God is ease.

The Devil is the difficult, God is the grace.

The Devil is the wicked, God is the wonder.

None of these things are judged in the Eyes of LOVE, the eyes of GOD SOURCE Energy.

Fear and love, dis-ease, ease, difficult, grace, wicked, wonder, and all the rest all serve the ONE SOURCE.

And ALL have their purpose and value within the time and space that is, showing you who you are, the pieces of yourself that are awake and those that still need to be awakened, shining the LIGHT and LOVE of your Consciousness upon those unconscious, sub-conscious parts and wrapping them in your unconditional LOVE and acceptance.

When you can love the Devil as much as you love God, then you will be enlightened. Or put in another way, when you can love your shadow energy aspects, including those you perceive through looking at others, your projection energy, as much as you love your good aspects, then you will be coming from the perspective of your enlightened Higher Self.

There is no need to fear or judge (the Devil) or (the God) within. It is in releasing judgment of the energy, that allows the energy to flow in the direction it needs to go and releases it from having to hold the form you were previously judging. All energy flows in perfect alignment with the evolution and unfolding of the SPIRIT that IS ALL Things, The ONE SOURCE: PURE LOVE and LIGHT.

When we connect back with the individual energy aspect from the space of our Heart and the energetic state of LOVE, the frequency that programmed it in the first place, we place ourselves back in the space where we can control/command the form of the energy thread within our inner field, stepping into Our Command Center, our Heart.

So how can we get from the space of judging back into our Heart?

Move into your Heart's 3rd Chamber and the energy of GRATITUDE. Think about and name some things that you are grateful for. This practice shifts your energetic frequency immediately and connects you with your Higher Self.

Next find the gratitude for all of your teachers--all of the experiences you have had the great privilege to participate in (regardless of whether they were considered positive or negative). These experiences bring you into direct communication and union, communion, with the various pieces of your inner selves. Without them holding those frequencies and forms your human soul personality wouldn't be able to have the full living experience your Higher Soul desired. If you continue separating yourself from these negative aspects you continue to place yourself outside of your ability to change anything. What you fear, judge, or resist you give your power to, and you keep it frozen in the form that is being feared, judged, or resisted; it also remains active inside of your energy body, which means it will continue to be a possible experience that your Soul will magnetize or send into your life--you will keep encountering it again and again until you change/transmute the energy inside of you. Shifting the fear/judgment/resistance into the love through acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, and compassion heals and strengthens you and the planet. The darkness exists so that we can awaken to the light and love within and CHOOSE to gift that loving energy to the energy we are seeing. As we do this, we transmute the darkness into the love and light that it truly is, freeing it from having to hold the painful form and freeing us from having to continue experiencing its pain.

LIGHT is the LOVE of GOD/God, pure positive Energy. Shadow is the Devil's domain, the terrain of the negative. When you can love the Devil as much as you love God, then you will be enlightened... and liberated from having to continue encountering the Devil, for you free the Devil from having to be the Devil, taking its power away by choosing to step into your Higher power held inside your loving Heart. You don't need to die to go to Heaven, you just need to wake up and realize you never left, that you carry it within you in your Heart's Mind. There have been or are moments where you have lived hardship in your past, and while you can't control what happens to you, you do have the choice as to how you will be towards what comes your way, unloving, making you magnetic to the thing you are not loving,

or loving, making you able to change the form with your Heart's Intention, thus transporting all the Shadow energy aspects, the hell in us, back into Heaven's gates, contained within your loving Heart. You have the power to change the world inside of you. It may not instantly change the outer world, but it does alter your experience of it as you alter it inside of you. And since you are part of the outer world, adding your energetic threads to it, helping form in part what is expressing, you impact the percentages of the energy aspects that you transform within yourself. The more of us that get together to own and transmute the negative aspects we view within the world, the faster we shall change the world. We are the change we seek.

Know the TRUTH of Who You ARE...


all other masks you or others wear are just that, MASKS, covering the TRUTH of The BEAUTY that lies Beneath.

In every moment we can choose to look at things through the eyes of LOVE (Our true Inner Essence) or through the eyes of Not LOVE/Judgment. How we see things determines what can become of them.

I See Your Beauty, I Know Your Greatness, I Feel Your Magnificence!

Now hopefully you start seeing and being it as well!

All my love, Jamie

* I run a lot of energy for the planet, helping to heal and transmute whatever Spirit brings to me, sending more energetic light into all the places and spaces where the shadow resides, healing it of its pain. Some of the work I am able to do is assist in working with the energy building challenges or issues in people's lives, transmuting the lower frequency aspects back into the Higher aspects through the Heart's Alchemical Transmutation Process (which I am presently developing a beta course for, stay tuned!), helping to shift the way you are perceiving what happened or is happening and bring in understanding and healing so that you can move through it. Together we can uncover the patterns and stories running in you and your ancestral line and release the old and recreate new better feeling energies to build a better feeling future.

If you want to schedule a free 15-minute consultation appointment contact me (Jamie Ferry) at and we can set up a time to talk over the phone or computer for the free 15 minute initial consultation appointment where you will let me know what you are presently dealing with that you want to work on, and figure out the best time to do the 1 hour session.

My initial rates are $125 for a 1 hour session, or you may purchase 3 1-hour sessions for the special discounted rate of $325 ($50 off).

Here is to greater understanding and healing!

Blessings to all,

Jamie Ferry

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