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The Waves of Change

We ride the waves of change...

They deliver us at the shores of our authentic selves.

Building castles of sand to house our ever-evolving and expanding essence of Original Love.

Go splash in your brilliance

soak up your bliss

as you bathe in the rays

that ignite the fire within.

Feel the power shoot up from your feet to the heavens,

and from the heavens through your head to your feet.

Run these healing energies,

tapping into your endless

ocean of power,

letting LOVE'S waters wash away all lies and illusions

as you radiate the Beauty and Love

that is Truly You!

Remember that though you dance through contrast's pain

you are LOVE expressing in a multitude of ways...

exploring, experiencing, expanding, evolving.

Go be the LOVE that you are with all that you encounter.

Keep your mind and heart open so that life can flow

through and to you.

Relax into the Heart of GRACE and let it replace all your worry with pure wonder, letting it move you through life,

showing you all that your life can be.

All my love, Jamie

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