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The Power Of Gratitude

If you can't find the gratitude and good in this moment now, even though you may be crying, and this moment may suck, what hope have you to find it in the future? We are never given more than we can handle--our Souls designed the adventure and the maze, and our Souls KNOW the way out.

When the heart hurts and the mind is pained with worry, stop and sit down, BREATHE Deeply and GO WITHIN! Take time to connect to Source and remember that this moment too shall pass.

The past has brought you to today and the present shall carry you into the future--Where do you want to go?

The choice is yours and how you choose to look at and use what you've been given!

So start today by giving voice to the good that you already hold in your life, giving life the permission it needs to begin flowing more good to you.

What comes to you comes from within you for you at the request of your Higher Soul who has activated certain mental and emotional energy presently being emitted from your field, all so that it can combine and align the perfect experiences for you allowing you to be able to feel the feelings and learn and understand all they create. Through the experience of the contrasting energies we develop a greater understanding of all we are and contain. Our challenging moments allow us to appreciate when things flow perfectly and generate happiness in our experience. But they also help us to strengthen our mental and emotional powers, to grow through and with them and to mature from a state of being controlled by our emotions and external experiences to being in command of our mood and mind regardless about what is occurring in the external environment. We don't have complete control over what comes to us, but we do have a choice in how we choose to be towards what comes to us. By choosing how we desire to be (happy or unhappy, grateful or ungrateful) we set up a field that invites more of those kinds of experiences to us. We can choose to be happy even in unhappy circumstances and grateful for all we encounter, setting up a better inner environment that aligns us with better outer experiences. Life may present us with some of our more painful parts, but we hold the power to receive, sit with, and compassionately embrace and transform them with our loving heart. We don't have a say about everything that COMES TO us, but we do get to say what BECOMES of it. LOVE embraces and raises the low into the high. Using our voice for gratitude sets up a high-frequency energy that transports the low more easily out of our space and invites the high-feeling experiences to connect more frequently with us.

The energy of gratitude is a high-frequency energy and is held in the third chamber of the human heart; it has the power to transform lower-frequency energies within the field. A gratitude practice helps us develop and strengthen our Heart-field, where our emotions are held, activated, and processed, making us more magnetic to higher-frequency or better-feeling experiences. Practicing giving thanks is using our 5th Chakra/Energy center, the Throat Chakra, connecting it to our 4th Chakra, our Heart Chakra, and transmitting that high energy within and from our individual field, generating a high-energy field around us. From this space we more easily connect with experiences that will activate more feelings of gratitude inside of us. By giving thanks for what we are encountering we connect with it from an open space in our heart field and it then is open to us. In this open space is the ability to create healing and greater expansion in all aspects contained within the interaction.

An attitude of gratitude creates a multitude of good for you, and brings a multitude of good to you!

Be grateful so life can fill your plate full of good! For what we see and notice, we notice we'll see more of.

So, what can you give thanks for right now?

Give thanks every morning and every night before you go to bed for a few things in your life and day and see how that begins to generate a more powerful field around your heart-space, inviting better-feeling experiences to you. A grateful heart is a powerful heart and creates a healthier human!

I am grateful for you Dear Ones, and wish you all the blessings your heart does hold!

All my love, Jamie

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