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We The United/Divided? States Of America & Human

We were juveniles wanting to form our own identity, separate from our Mother Nation, to build a new nation, under a new, more glorious vision, a self-governing democracy, of the people, for the people, by the people. Anytime you get a large group of people gathered together you are bound to come up with lots of different ways to look at and deal with things. Communication is key, as is consideration, and a common goal to get aligned with. But communication isn't always clear, and agendas sometimes run at cross-purposes between individuals, companies, states, and nations, as well as across time and space. How we handle conflict determines the success and smoothness of our interrelating and the kind of relationships and world we build. When problems in communication and understanding occur, fighting and opposing viewpoints can lead to disagreement, resistance, fighting, and outright war.

War in its very nature is destructive; it is the many sides being pulled apart in opposite directions. Peace is the joining of all sides in a state of understanding with a desire to create a better more harmonious world for the greater good. Peace doesn't mean every side agrees completely over everything, but that all sides have agreed to work things through and come to resolutions that support the whole.

Those that find themselves at war with life, have war within them. This isn't a statement of judgment, but the way that energy works on a subtle level. To end the fighting requires us to mend the sides that are fighting, to energetically own all sides/aspects participating in the interaction of energies involved. In mending clothes one must find the tear and then reinforce/sew together the fabric that split or came apart. In life, with opposing energies and forces, we must recognize the other side is inside of us. For all we see on the outside is held and contained in energetic frequency inside of us. All that comes to us comes for us, from within us; it dances around on the screen of our consciousness, giving us the opportunity to become aware of its existence. If it doesn't feel good to us, it doesn't feel good inside of us or itself. We have the choice and chance to take that energy in us and heal the feeling it feels right now by being right to it. Being right to it is being good to it, and instead of judging or resisting, blaming, shaming, complaining, or fearing it, we shift into embracing and accepting it, forgiving it and us, having compassion for it, loving it unconditionally. We make peace with this piece of us and impact it positively by being our positive self towards it, by taking the negative and remaking it into the positive inside of our healing, loving heart in an energetic Alchemical Transmutation of Energy. We change the energy inside of us and that changes the strength and quality of the energy outside of us.

America's two-party system represents the dynamic of duality's pull, which all humans have going on within themselves. When the two sides of the pole stand rooted in their side and perspective, in opposition of the other, a battle ensues. Harmony becomes possible when the two sides begin moving towards the middle and each other, realizing that both sides of the pole carry the other side of the pole within them, otherwise they would not be able to perceive the other side. If we continue to stand polarized, in opposition of the other side, we remain rigid in our stance, making coming to workable resolutions challenging.

If we can seek understanding, tolerance, and union we can create from wholeness and come to solutions that serve the whole, taking all sides into loving consideration. We really can come to a space of serving the greater good, where all sides benefit and win to certain degrees. The truly wise and noble take into consideration all sides and their perspective needs, finding a way to accommodate all to some degree, seeking union over division.

Fighting is not uniting, it's dividing.

It's not about right and wrong, it's about LOVE and everyone getting along as best they can. Quarreling is a weapon of the weak. Division and divisiveness creates a world divided. Half of something is something diminished in quantity or strength. Compared with two fully functioning legs, you walking around with one broken leg impacts your movement and presents challenges that without the proper tools, effect how you move and create in the world.

We are after all the UNITED States of America not the Divided States of America (even though that's how it seems sometimes), and this planet is One planet not many planets, we must all find a way to work together in harmony. If we seek to be a whole world and our whole self we must stop separating and start uniting, realizing there is more than enough space for all to be themselves and live authentic lives while giving others the space to figure out themselves as well. That being said, we are humans working through our emotional and mental energy, and everyone is precisely where they are meant to be, holding the specific set of emotions and thought-energies that their Higher Soul is working through; some of this work is messy and chaotic and can create difficult challenges for us, which we must all learn to navigate. The division we experience is Duality's doing, not to be shunned or shamed, nor blamed, but 100% owned and accepted within the hearts of all who perceive it, including those who believe it is wrong. All that exists was MADE to exist, otherwise it would not be, and so NOTHING is wrong, as it is all 'being' what it was programmed to 'be'. If you want it to be something else then you must be different to it, to be able to reprogram it into something different. Energy once created can never be destroyed, but merely recreated throughout infinity, but can only be reprogrammed by the energetic frequency that programmed it in the first place, LOVE. If you seek to reprogram energy threads then you must re-connect to it and re-write it within yourself within your heart. The Shadow aspect, and pain and suffering exists as part of the Experiment of Duality our Higher Souls created to have the chance to create, experience, learn, and evolve through the contrast of energy--ONE so we can play in contrast and develop our conscious understanding of all we are and all we are not, and TWO so we could practice being the GOD We Are, the LOVE We Are towards every single part of us/Us/US, the parts we like and the ones we don't. It is easy to love the good stuff, but divine to love everything.

When we desire to get rid of something or end our experience of it we must first choose to release our negative judgments of it and then change its negative frequency within us into a higher frequency, making peace with the negative aspect inside ourselves. We must also realize that while we may be feeling finished with the negative experience not everyone is done playing with it, so it's not up to us to get rid of it for everyone, nor would it be fair to the energy. Things are the way the Higher Us shaped them to be. It's not their fault they are the negative frequency energy aspects, and they are not bad or wrong for being that, they are energy that was asked to be and set at a specific shadow frequency, and as such, make us feel bad because that's how it feels, and how We shaped it to feel, so that we in our human-identity might be able to know what it would feel like to be that.

You are here to grow into the master that you are. You must become the master of your emotional (feelings) and mental (thoughts) energy, or remain enslaved by them. What this means is that you must take ownership and complete responsibility for creating the energy you seek to change, only by owning it and accepting it as it is are you able to begin the transmutation. You must choose to respect every emotion and thought and then guide each into the direction you wish to go--the low will lead you down, or you may lead it up through your heart, the bridge between the higher and lower. If you feel it or perceive it then you contain it, and if the shape it's in is not pleasing to you, then you have the power to reshape it. And you must realize that all others are here doing the same. We may be in different bodies, choosing different ways of being and acting, on different sides of the fence, but we all exist within the one United Spirit that gives all the space to figure things out in the time and manner each is choosing. May you realize the power you carry to restore peace to all the wars within yourself, and then bring that peace out into the planet and all you encounter along your way. United We stand, divided we fall. Fall into your heart so you can rise into your Higher Way of Being and take your rightful place in the peaceful space and state of your Divine United Being. Evolution is happening, and you are part of it.

All my love, Jamie

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