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God Being Human, Human Becoming God...

And into a sacred capsule God dove

to grow in it and grow it

and go with it

everywhere it would go...

Your body, the capsule; your Heart, the gift.

All that you carry and all that you see

is held inside the cells of your body and being.

Take care of your body,

take care of your soul,

take care of your mind,

for they create you whole.

Dear Ones,

You are humans rediscovering and reconnecting to the God You Are (LOVE awakening and evolving) and with the GOD THAT IS (SOURCE LOVE/LIGHT) through the experiences you are having in every moment and inside your loving Heart.

Regardless of your belief,

there is a fire that's always burning,

an energy always churning,

a desire always yearning to be awakened to...

Go within the Heart of you to connect to this part of you

that is putting it all together.

From within It stirs,

from without It whirs,

and the Spiral swirls


We slid down the spiral to do the Dance of Duality,

playing within Contrast's Realities.

The life you see outside is built by the energy inside.

Life in these lower dimensions will deliver Duality's gifts to you to be seen and understood by you. And you in turn, may choose to be a gift of acceptance and compassion's grace to all that you encounter, lifting, transporting the lower back into the higher again, right inside the body you currently have.

Each time you encounter the un-LOVED Shadow you have the chance to be like the GOD you were created in the image of, in the Imagination Be LOVE, embodied and in body, becoming your God-Self. And in this LOVE, reclaim your divine power to re-create the un-LOVED into the LOVED, turning the Light on in the shadow's space, restoring wholeness where wounds once played.

LOVE loves


IT is unconditional in ITS BEing, unable to go against ITS Nature.

Like the sun that always shines, sharing its rays with all things, LOVE is always flowing love to all things,

but not all things are in a vibrational state where they can receive that love. That is until the one perceiving the un-loved, connects with it in its heart and heals it with the Heart's ways: Acknowledgment, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Compassion, and LOVE, intending for it to be LOVE'S Light again.

Live the LOVE You Are;

shine your inner star

upon all life brings your way.

For in the shining there is an awakening for all the pain we collectively hold.

And in LOVE'S compassion there is a healing for all our wounded souls.

Heart shall heal what life reveals as wounded.

May you feel the LOVE shine upon you.

May you hear the LOVE call you.

May you share the LOVE within you

and begin to live a life that you LOVE!

All my love, Jamie

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