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Doubting Us,The Doubt in Us.

Jude 1:22 And have mercy on those that doubt

For the doubting one is swimming in Fear and Unknowing’s Waters where suffering exists and peace cannot be found. Mercy is a life raft and a rescue boat in the dark and stormy weather of lower mind and heart.

Within the Realm of Duality, contrasting energy exists, LOVE and LIGHT, or Not LOVE and Shadow. Doubt is a shadow energy aspect, existing at the opposite end of the Pole of Knowing. Doubting in something is standing in uncertainty, not having the faith that something is true, real, or will happen or come through for you. It being Shadow energy gives rise to suffering and exists in separation, where we separate ourselves from the having of the thing we question. When we express in the space of doubt we are separating ourselves from the joy and ease within us, for we both question and fear simultaneously. Doubt is afraid that something will not come to pass or will disappoint or disappear. Doubting in the Divine is questioning the Divine’s Capacity to BE and Create, which doesn’t keep the Divine from creating good, but does keep us from receiving the good that IT has for us. When we place ourselves in that low state of being, the only experiences we can reach, achieve, or magnetically attract to us are matching low-frequency experiences. Miracles exist as high-frequency vibration-creations, and if we are to invite them into our lives we must maintain a high frequency. The energy you give and the energy you receive are equal in nature. If you are playing the frequency of doubt in your field then you are tuned into this energy and transmitting it out, thus receiving only what ‘doubt’ can hear, see, or know. And that’s the point, doubt doesn’t know, it doubts.

2 Timothy 1:7 For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

John 20:29 Jesus said unto him, “Thomas, because thou hast seen Me, thou hast believed. Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed.”

Fear and doubt are friends that can only play in the dark, tormenting us with the torment in them. Doubt's gift is that it allows us to express our mastery of self as we consciously shift from this lower energy in us into a higher state of being, by making the choice to be the faith we are. Faith is believing in something before you have proof, it is a trusting in something higher than the 'us' that is on the frontline of life experience. We also contain this high-energy within us, but when we are in the basement of our energy we can’t see the WE that’s on the roof and all the treasures IT has for us. Faith is trust in the Divine Energy that is aligning it all—knowing that whatever comes up in life is the life in us that deserves to be lived and loved by us, and if we can move into the divine LOVE we are, trusting in GOD, we can move mountains with the faith in that high-energy, allowing IT to move mountains for us. We may doubt in our ability to achieve something or life's ability to bring it to us, but with that high energy of SOURCE, all things are possible, and so we can connect to SOURCE'S High-Energy and let IT carry us through all we encounter.

For the seeds of doubt we carry inside the cells our our body that become weeds in our mind, we can CHOOSE to pluck these less-than-perfect parts and take them straight into the perfect spirit of LOVE inside our Heart. We may choose to accept the doubting parts as wounded parts that just don't know, who for whatever reason, maybe had been let down in other lifetimes or moments in this present life and so the fear and disappointment was woven stronger and Doubt's identity grew bigger. We can choose to forgive the doubt and all the reasons the doubt was made stronger in us, realizing that Duality was meant to be full of contrast and the pain helped us to better understand and appreciate our natural pleasure. By embodying LOVE we wash clean the shadow dirt of our soul, transforming the negative mental thoughts and emotional feelings into their inner Light essence, our Divine perfection. Cast not doubt out, but take it in, into your arms and Heart to heal it of its pain, making your wounded, whole again. Forgiveness is a hand extended to the parts of us that are lost in the dark, while compassion is their salvation, and LOVE, their cure.

Doubting Us, The Doubt in Us.

I doubt in you, you doubt in me;

we doubt what we see

and what we don’t see.

But if we could suspend the doubt in us even for a moment,

might we comprehend something else...

something higher,

that made us feel better than we do when we are

the Doubting us?

We need not be mad at the parts of us that doubt,

for that is how We shaped them to be.

But if we seek a new form then we must reform or transform

that energy in us

into something better

that feels better to us,

by being better to it.

You can’t change doubt with judgment, nor anger, fear, or any of their shadow friends, only LOVE will take what is and make what is


So the next time you find doubt creeping in, take a breath and connect to LOVE within, and fill the doubt in you full of LOVE

so you can free it from being doubt,

lifting it into Faith’s arms where it can be blessed by Certainty’s kiss and take you into the land of Heart's manifestations and Heaven's miracles!

All my love, Jamie

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