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It's not the shadow's fault for being dark; that's what it was programmed to be. Really, it's no one's fault for being the Shadow, but it is everyone's responsibility for the creation of all the Shadows, as we are all part of the Collective Mind. We are the Totality of Duality playing out through our Individuality, carrying the energetic codes of everything in all of Existence inside of us and the cells of our bodies. Using the power of the LOVE in our Heart we contain the ability to transmute the lower Shadow frequencies into higher LIGHT frequencies, transforming the external reality through the inner energy work.

And so each individual must reintegrate all the temporary Opposite negative, mental, emotional, and physical Shadow energetic aspects within themselves, accepting everything as it is and as a part of themselves, and taking responsibility for creating it to be that (from the level of our Higher Self through LOVE'S Intention to create the contrasting energy aspects); apologizing to it for judging or resisting it and adding to its pain, as well as forgiving self and others; thanking it for serving us, and compassionately loving it, INTENDING it to be LOVE and LIGHT again (the Original Positive Energy Aspects). We connect to the negative energy from a state of LOVE, using the energies inside our Heart, the steps to transform the negative energy into higher energy: Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Compassion.

Whatever I encounter in the outer that makes me feel bad, is showing up to get me to see it, to feel what it feels like, how much it hurts, offering me a chance to heal this wounded part of me, thus freeing it from being that and me from carrying that aspect of pain forward any longer. All energy that is drawn into my field is because I carry a matching energy inside of myself, a stain of pain that needs the cleansing waters of LOVE to wash it clean again. If I can be present with what was created in the past, that BREATH has activated in the present, and embrace it back into my heart with LOVE'S understanding, bringing peace to this part of me that is the shadow, I can create a brighter world. My Heart's LOVE turns the light back on in the shadow energy and makes the pain feel good again.

You are part of this world too, and as such have personal responsibility for the collective reality. You can be impacted by the world, and you can impact the world. You cannot control others in the world and get rid of all you don't like, but you can reclaim your soul's energy threads that are weaving the larger external reality and through your Heart's power diminish the strength of the negative that exists in the world, by increasing the percentages of the positive in yourself and the larger Field.

If you desire to create real change in the world, accept the energy you see, regardless of the form it is presenting as; respect and bless it, giving it the forgiveness, gratitude, understanding, and compassionate love it deserves. It deserves your compassion because it serves you by holding the shadow form, creating the possibility of contrast for your ego-personality so that your Soul can grow Its understanding through the duality of experience.

In our LOVE, the wounded energy is healed, freed from the form it was holding to stand tall and bright again as LOVE'S LIGHT. As we heal the energy in our inner domain we help transform the outer world, because the external reality mirrors the inner energy of the one that is perceiving it, and all that are perceiving it hold threads of energy weaving it into being. As each one of us reclaim our threads of energy building the negative forms and experiences we see and transmute them in our heart, we energetically unravel the shadow threads of the problems and reignite the light and positive solutions within the world. We reweave the world with how we choose to be, LOVE or Not LOVE.

Let's build a whole and healthy world by bringing our wounds back into our Heart's wholeness and letting go of all our judgments of the world we see, choosing instead to look at things through the eyes of LOVE.

We perceive with our mind and the quality of our heart. Before a flip of mind becomes a fracture of heart, stand in the Unity of LOVE and apply it to all thoughts and experiences that float your way. Does the thought feel good to you? If not, bless and kiss it away, reaching for a better-feeling thought. When the thoughts turn around in your mind you may find they take you into dark and painful places; LOVE is the energy we can turn to, to set us on a better-feeling path. Let LOVE lift you up through the mental clutter to get to a point of clarity. What would LOVE do in this situation and with this energy? Greet all your experiences as the LOVE You Are and watch how life changes inside of and around you.

All my love, Jamie

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