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Letting go of the fight to get to the good...

Walking on the promenade someone asked me to take a moment to help them fight Trump—this is where she lost me—For I know that the act of fighting against something freezes the very thing one opposes in the form they wish to change. Judgment and resistance set up a dynamic of opposition and contention, making change a challenge, if not an impossibility. Personally I don’t want to fight anyone or anything—While standing up for what you believe is right is a valid and honorable thing one can do, I have learned that rigid fighting just leads to more fighting, and if you don’t put down your arms and anger for a moment, and OPEN your Heart, arms, and head (mind), extending your hand to the other side to let them know you wish to bridge the divide and understand where they are coming from, as well as calmly explaining your perspective, you will never get anywhere good.

This planet is large enough for us all to be able to remain in a diversity of being and seeing—we can all hold our different points of perspective and still find common ground to get along. We are more alike than we are different. We’ve all hearts that beat that long to feel and give love and be loved. We’ve all lungs that breathe and minds that think and bodies that feel. We all dream and desire to be seen, acknowledged, and accepted for all that we are.

I may disagree with the things someone does and make my side known, but just because I want it one way and they a different, doesn’t mean one side is right, or the other wrong. If we each stand on opposite sides of the street and we both want to get to the other side, we must begin the walk towards the other. If we stand in the middle of a problem and we seek to find the solution, we must shift our focus from what's wrong to how we can make it right, centering ourselves in the solution, as opposed to the challenge and in a state of judgment and blame. Openness is not a sign of weakness, but wiseness, as the wise one knows they don’t always know everything about everything, and where you stand can change how things look... different sides, different minds, different views, but one humanity, linked in time and space, existing because of LOVE'S Grace. We must recognize that all we see on the outside we hold on the inside, and if we continue to battle with and try to destroy the other, either in actions or words and thoughts, we and the parts of them inside of us, will suffer and remain points of pain in us and the world, festering and spreading until we are confronted by the weight of this pain and choose a different way. To heal we must release the need to fight and seek to unite; we must face our pain and the other's, and be willing to surrender our resistance and judgment to embrace vulnerability, embodying compassion and maturity's wisdom. Opposing forces harnessed and redirected in the same direction and to the same ends can move mountains, and we can heal our issues and restore the heart to our humanity, provided we move into our center. Head holds its ideas of right and wrong, and they can help us along our way, but Heart knows a wisdom far deeper than mind can go, and so it is here we must connect with to find the best way for all.

I realize we are diverse beings who think about and deal with life in different ways, and that we all carry a great deal of pain within us that creates challenging experiences for us. We use the collective field to come together, bumping into each other, bouncing off of each other, bound to occasionally scrape and cut ourselves in our mutual dance of energy, all so that we can grow our awareness and understanding of all that we are and hold within. In our relating we tend to see things from our side of the fence and communicate our version and vision of the way things are, but we'd do well to remember that while we are worthy and have value in our perspective, so too do others--we all make up the whole. We'd be well to remember that when we communicate we can annihilate or elevate,

but what comes from us will return to us,

and what we do,

will be done to us.

We can be shaped by the negative,

or, we can take the negative and reshape it with our LOVE, applying a higher force to a lower-frequency energy or being forced to continue to face and live with the lower because we keep choosing to be our lower-self.

Life is hard enough for us humans; kindness and compassion make things softer and easier, both for the one being kind and the one receiving kindness, and it sets that energy through the field, gently impacting all who witness or hear of it.

Let's spread the LOVE and make the world a better place by bringing and being our best. Elegance, kindness, and an understanding heart need not be forgotten when we find ourselves in the thick of things. For in these energies and our Heart's embrace, GRACE lays the path to PEACE. In a world of opposites and the flow of contrasting energy, we are all bound to bump into each other as we navigate our path. Sometimes these bumps will be fun, shaking up things inside of us that we know need to be released, and sometimes they won't, putting us into contact with uncomfortable shifts that are necessary for our own growth and humanity's evolution. In those times, it is best if we bring our best to all we encounter; this way we have a chance to repair what's damaged within and between us, and make things better in the world.

In the dance of life and the evolving Spirit, experience, EMOTIONAL connection, Intellectual understanding, and unconditional LOVE are what it's about. The Master knows that the Heart is the bridge that joins one to another, humans and other species, and within each individual being, all that they (the different aspects of them) are made of and carrying around. LOVE is the connector to all emotions, the energy that bears witness to the feelings of all the feelings, and respectfully, unconditionally accepts them for what they are. For your ears to work fully your heart must be open--the LOVE and the blood must be flowing, supplying the tissues and fibers the energy they require to function properly. Therefore to be engaging in effective communication each must be in a dual state of receptive listening and active conveyance, giving each side the chance to speak its truth, without interruption and judgment, and then trying to see things from the other side as both look for a mutually beneficial resolution.

To solve any problem we must seek the thing that works, the answer to the question or issue. Each situation requires its own applied solution, the perfect Soul-ution, that deals with all the emotions and perspectives of all the souls involved. LOVE will lead our way. So next time you bump against another or encounter something you dislike and wish to change, in the world, another, or yourself, first breathe deep and sit with the energy inside of you for a little bit, applying your heart's compassionate LOVE to the situation to see how it can change. Ask your Heart to help you re-establish connection with the wounded energy coming up for you and seen in the other, and to assist you in generating healing, guiding you into the best solution for dealing with the situation and all involved. As long as your heart is beating and breath is flowing, you have a power within you that can transform all the wounded you see into a higher state of wholeness, as the heart and breath weave together the emotions and the ideas straight back into the love of One all through the choice you make as you apply Heart's Intention to re-create the connection. Best of luck in all your challenging moments. Remember to be and bring your LOVE!

In our judgment we sink; in our compassion we rise.

To see beauty, look at things with LOVE'S eyes.

All my love, Jamie

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