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Breaking The Habit of Judgment With The Heart's LOVE

Judgment's a harsh habit of the mind that can be broken when you start looking at things through the Heart's soft and gentle eyes.

LOVE sees through the mind's lies of right and wrong,

knowing things either are right or wrong for you, not right or wrong for all--

As every being is working with the energy they need to explore, experience, and eventually ultimately truly understand and lovingly reintegrate back into their whole self.

The pain in the world is the pain in us, while the love in us is the healer. We, the world, and all within it are one, inextricably linked and able to impact each other. We can judge, hate, and not love things in this world, but then the things in this world remain feeling bad, both inside us and them. They also end up stuck in the world in those forms, feeling bad and spreading that bad feeling wherever they go or come up. And because it is we who are carrying negative feelings/thoughts towards these things, we are stuck holding onto all that pain, which builds the pain in us and draws more pain to us. Perhaps if we chose to extend our compassionate love and understanding to these things instead, we might transform that pain into a better feeling, and then have that better feeling spread through the world. Connection or division; acceptance or judgment? The choice we make will create more of that kind of energy for us, and expand that energy in the world.

To change the world we must begin by changing the energy we perceive in the world inside of us. We carry within us the energy of the Heart: Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Compassion, which add up to Pure LOVE. It is with this energy that we are able to release our judgment of things and reintegrate them back into our Heart space, healing the pain they and we hold. The more we do this with all the things we hold negative perceptions of and have negative emotional reactions towards, the more LIGHT we create in ourselves and add to the world.

Start with the people you know, including yourself, the things you don't like about them or that trigger negative reactions in you--If you desire to stop encountering these things in your living experience then you must transform your relationship to these things, to the ideas you hold of them in your head and heart. You must integrate the energies as part of your wholeness, which means releasing all judgments (Not LOVE) connected to these aspects. You must stop separating them from you and accept them as a part of you, a part that you would like to feel/be better. Make a choice to own and unconditionally love these parts of you (as seen through the mirror of the other), apologizing and forgiving where you need to, and thanking the energy aspects for all they did for your Soul and all they taught you about yourself. Finally, with compassion for the pain it holds and feels for you, INTEND for it to become LOVE and LIGHT again. This process transforms the energy inside of you, and then your energy inside of it becomes a point of LOVE'S LIGHT, increasing the positive and decreasing the strength of the negative in it and the world at large. By choosing to unconditionally love them you are not saying that you love being them or experiencing them, it means that you are choosing to love the energy that sacrificed itself to hold those un-loved forms so that your Soul could play with and create better understanding of all you truly are through the contrast of all you are not. While you may dislike the form, you LOVE the energy that agreed to take the shape of the disliked form(s), and in your LOVE you have the power to reshape the un-loved into the LOVED.

Next, you can extend it to those you don't personally know--actual people or portrayed characters--things you see or read in the news or watch in movies, television, theater, books, or stories. All negative and positive qualities exist in our energetic field. Anything that triggers a negative feeling or thought/judgment in us is an un-integrated energy within our field, which means we still hold a negative charge in us, making us magnetic to matching negative experiences. The external experiences come to us to show us all the parts of us that are wounded and stuck in 'Not LOVE' within us, which means they are not allowing LOVE in. But with the energies of our Heart: Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Compassion we are able to transmute the negative energies into their original positive aspect, bringing down the walls and building bridges. We can use what happens to us or what we perceive as we go about our day, as a gift, and give it the gift of our loving acceptance. We build a better world by building a better self, by being our better self to all we encounter. Love heals.

By sharing your LOVE with all you see, you create a more loving world and invite more love into your world. Together we really can make the world a better-feeling place!

All my love, Jamie

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