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Anti-Valentine's Day Sentiment and How To Get To A Sweeter Spot

Every year around Valentine's Day some people grumble about how they hate the holiday. It is a day of love, so why do people take such an opposing view of it?

Well, perhaps it is due to the aspect of self that doesn't like to be manipulated by others, that is triggered by this holiday that had been traditionally used by merchants to drive up sales of certain things (food, chocolates, cards, flowers, stuffed animals, etc.). But in the positive, one could look at the economic purchases as supporting others in the world at large, benefitting the local, national, and global economy, which then draws economic support back to them in the future. Or perhaps some don't like the holiday because it reminds them of what they don't have, a loving, romantic relationship. Either way, anything we have an issue with is an area that requires our attention and understanding.

In life, all feelings are valid and should be recognized, acknowledged and embraced if we desire to create a life that feels good; we must become the master of our feelings and not a slave to them. To change our experience we must lovingly transform the energy blocks into energy flows by taking grasp of the bad feelings and then healing them with our loving attention and intention. The first thing to do is acknowledge how the different parts of you feel and then decide how you WANT to feel. Gather up the parts in pain, stuck in negativity, just as you would with a beloved child who had fallen and scraped their knee, taking them into your own loving heart and then shift your focus (ATTENTION), taking them with you on the ride you want to go on (INTENTION). In doing this you are picking up the pieces, the energy threads of your being, and reweaving them back into the wholeness of your total field, strengthening your positive energy attraction ability.


If it is a lack thing that has you down, instead of focusing on the lack, you can focus on what you have (like a desire and an open space for a loving supportive relationship). First, acknowledge and place all your hurt feelings and disappointments regarding love into your Higher Soul's Hands and Heart where they can be healed. Holding onto these energies become little walls we build around our heart and self, blocking the flow of LOVE to us. Take a few deep cleansing breaths, to connect and center before you take a look at what you would enjoy receiving from another.

If you find yourself without a Valentine on February 14th, it's okay to be your own Valentine.

Why wait to receive the treatment you desire to be given? You may not have the "desired partner", but that doesn't keep you from being your own desired partner, becoming the giver and receiver of some sweet goodness in life. After you have received your heart's inspiration, begin giving yourself what you desire to experience with another (praise and support, loving kind words, massage, loving touch (sexual and non-sexual), gifts, flowers, delicious treats and food, dancing, candle-lit meals, etc.). Doing this will relax your energy field, making you more magnetic to the experiences you seek. By not waiting for someone else to give you what you want and doing things that make you feel the way you desire to feel (happy, loved, pampered, luxurious, fancy, fed, romanced, romantic, sexy, etc.), you activate those feelings in your field, and like pretty melodies, they broadcast from you, drawing things that match their lovely frequency. Activated feelings are feminine, MAGNETIC energy (inside all beings), and are responsible for all that comes TO us in life. They are receptive aspects, inviting and drawing in matching thought energies. These thought energies then prompt or MOTIVATE ACTIONS that generate effects or CONSEQUENCES arising through the INTERACTIONS of the participating entities. When we desire and intend to be happy and then do things that make us feel happy we energetically invite more things into our lives that will add to our happiness.

Don't worry if negative thoughts and feelings come up for you, they only remain charged in the negative and act as powerful magnets if we keep them active in our field. When we become aware of them we may take the opportunity to transform them with our healing heart. The way feeling and thought energy aspects work is that they desire to be seen, acknowledged and accepted for what they are, and then directed along their way; they come imbued with the power to create from their vibration, but we with the energy of LOVE, have the power to alter their vibration and experience, thus altering our own experience. We do not control what comes to us, but we do have the choice as to what energies we give fuel to, as in paying more attention to, repetitively thinking or feeling very strongly about. These aspects have a role in creating the life we are living and experiencing.

If we seek to be happy but are feeling sad, mad, afraid, etc., we can pause, breathe in, and acknowledge:

"I see a part of me feels _______. I accept it as it is and a part of me, thanking it for all it showed me, and desire for it to feel good again. It no longer needs to hold the old frequency for me, it's free to be LOVE and LIGHT again."

Take that part of you, the thread of energy, and pull it into your heart. It is in pain, love it enough to care about and heal it, creating more LOVE within you and making your LIGHT grow and glow brighter. If we want to be loved by another, then we must start by loving ourselves and declaring our love to ourselves: our body, mind, soul, and spirit. We can then give ourselves the emotional and physical gifts we think a relationship will offer. Of course, it feels good when other people do things for us, but why wait to experience these things? Why limit ourselves? When we start giving ourselves the things we want, we subconsciously know that we HAVE them, and this makes us magnetic to receiving more of what we already have, inviting others in who can and will offer these things to us. Feelings are magnetic to thoughts and experiences. So how do you want to feel? Declare it, inviting it in, and then breathe in and out, relax and release.

*Ideas for things to do to generate the good feelings a relationship can offer & set the space for one:

Light some candles, make a delicious meal or order food in, have dinner by candlelight, play music you enjoy, dance sensually, have a bubble bath, use essential oils that you enjoy.

Take some time to tell your body, mind, soul how much you love them and appreciate all they do for you; how you desire for their health, beauty, and balanced well-being and happiness. Buy some beautiful flowers or delicious chocolates, or the treat of your choice.

Give someone else, a friend or someone in your life (grocery store clerk, cleaners, teacher, a stranger on the street) a little gift. Tell others how much you love them and what they mean to you. Strengthening our other relationships generates the feelings of love and support we have in our life, and helps us feel full, inviting more love in.

Bless all your past relationships, thanking, forgiving, and releasing all that happened. Think about what you learned from each partner and relationship, and make energetic peace with your past relationships and partners.

Spend time in nature connecting to the Earth (barefoot/hands) to fill up with Nature's healing and regenerative LOVE; garden, take a walk, go watch the sunrise/sunset standing barefoot on earth (sand, dirt, grass).

Spend time around animals or pets, which offer unconditional love and open our hearts; volunteer helping animals. Volunteer and give back to your community--you'll meet people :)

Perform a new moon ritual using the elements of air for Aquarius, and water for Pisces (the 2 signs that the eclipse will go through), such as filling a bowl of water and place your hands in the water, symbolically releasing all the old relationship issues and challenges, and negative thoughts or beliefs connected to love, bathing yourself and your past in love. Then remove your hands, holding them in a cup shape at eye-level, as you imagine placing your wishes for love and whatever else you desire into them, and then blow into them, blowing your wishes/desires up into the Heavenly sky (the Higher Dimensions where your Higher Soul resides and can set about aligning you with more love in life).

FOR EVERYONE (in or out of relationships)

As we approach this day of love, it is smack dab in the middle of the week, with days stretching out on both sides, like arms opening to embrace you; one day before a partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius at 27 degrees and 8 minutes, and two days before the Chinese New Year of the Dog, a sign that represents loyalty, faithfulness, is considerate and well-disciplined, and is the 11th sign in Chinese Astrology, where Aquarius (the sign of the Solar Eclipse) is the 11th sign of Western Astrology. 11 is a master number in numerology, the most intuitive number, and breaks further down into a 2, the number of partnerships. 2018 adds up to be an 11 year (2+0+1+8=11; 1+1=2). So energetically everything is quite powerful and auspicious for healing our partnerships and ideas around them.

*The Sabian Symbol for Aquarius 27 degrees: A Tree Felled And Sawed To Ensure A Supply Of Wood For The Winter

We are using what the Earth has provided for us and we have prepared, to warm us on any colder days ahead. We can be sure the energies are ripe for change and transformation; that life is calling us all into a better and higher vision of our potential, to expand our ability to love both ourselves, each other, and all the things we don't love in ourselves and each other, to bring peace and unconditional love to these parts so that we can heal the collective (Aquarius) and transform how we perceive the world we live within.

I hope this week of LOVE and exciting new energies transforms your ideas about what is possible for you and beautiful within you and the world, making you more magnetic to LOVE in all the possible expressions this world has for you. You deserve it!

Be LOVE, live LOVE!

All my love, Jamie

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