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Welcome to your awakening!

Travel the space between

at a pace between

speed of light and stillness...

Going so fast you appear to go nowhere,

because you are everywhere at once.

Such is the speed of Spirit

as it travels the spiral from Source

to flesh and form;

creating the perfect storm,

for its own awakening.

As your eyes and mind begin to see

the truth of your totality,

and you throw off the imaginary shackles of limitation,

stretching into a container more fitting for the glory you ARE!

Welcome Home my Beloved One.

Take your place in the arms of the Great Galactic Central Sun,

and know you never left, though your travels took you far and wide,

through a tragic and triumphant wild ride.

The time is here for the Truth to awaken inside you,

to reveal the Divine YOU.

Keep in mind that everything that occurred, is occurring, and will occur is part of the perfect unfolding as all the energies within Our Duality Experiment (Life on Earth as we know it) dance together in an exquisite choreography of matching and resonant vibrations, all painting the pictures that we all desire to see and be. In the eyes of the Divine no thing within the dimensions of Duality is bad or wrong, it simply is expressing as the LOVE It Is, or the Not LOVE it is (the LOVE it is Not, which is really just a temporary illusion). How it expresses, whether in the positive or negative, will determine how it feels and the kind of energy that it creates from its being. All the energies help give us context and understanding as we interact, react, respond, reflect upon all we see, be, experience, and perceive in relationship to each other.

We travelled far in thought from Our Great Galactic Center to play within this Earth, to explore contrast in thought and form, to dive deep into the depths of our ocean of emotions and discover all the monsters and wonders we hold within. And on our journey back home again we will need to take it all back into our heart to rejoin it with the wholeness of Self. In this healing incubator the adulterated energy is restored to its original purity, and all the lights that We turned off are turned back on again, revealing the temporary shadows only existed because the light source wasn't shining down upon them directly from above. Like the sun to the right or left makes the form cast a shadow, we perceiving something anywhere but from a space of complete and unconditional love, will continue to create, cast, and come across the shadowy pieces of self, until we align it with our heart and offer it our love and acceptance, some appreciation for being the bad side of our inside energy, allowing us to understand all it felt to be and receive that energy. It showed up as we asked it to, when we needed it to. All our pieces exist to give us the choice on what kind of game we'd like to play, all kinds of virtual realities we live as full and real. And from these we grow our understanding and eventually find ourselves opening our human senses, eyes and mind, waking up to our Divine Higher Senses that truly understands the truth of it all.

Everything is part of the wholeness We Are. That it exists means it was made to exist. That you experience it means you contain it within. If you don't like the form, LOVE is the transformer. You are where you are meant to be in the process of the unfolding you/You/YOU. Take your time, relax, and let all that unfolds for you reveal more to you, more of who you are, more of how your soul has been in other experiences, and more of how you would like to be now and in the future. Anything that comes up that you would like to change reclaim it back in your heart and allow LOVE to rewrite and reweave the energy threads.

* I am in the process of putting together some online courses that help this process. Sign up with your email if you are interested in receiving updates when they are ready, and have a blessed and bountiful week awakening a little more to your greatness within.

All my love, Jamie

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