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Shedding The Old, Discovering Truth

Like the snake shedding skins,

I drop masks that no longer fit...

pieces of self, shattered by the bells' toll,

the clock's testimony that it's their time to go.

That ring of truth that leaves delusions and lies

shelterless with no place to hide.

But they've no reason to fear, for their freedom lies close at hand in heart.

My true Self having grown weary of the masquerade,

refused to continue wearing the dirty and tattered clothes

sullied by previous selves of mine.

Actors all, who forgot they were commissioned by kings and queens

for parts in intricately designed plays of triumphs and tragedies.

So perfect the illusion, so heavy the deception,

so real the transgressions.

And the waves of effects rippled out...

sucking in, reaching many with their magnetic emotional pull,

sweeping us all away from a true inner knowing into lands of darkness and shadowy pain.

But the beacon of love,

no matter how dim it grew, refused to stop beaming its steady glow out.

And in the flicker,

waves of remembrance lapped and tugged at my feet, heart, and brow;

pulling me in deeper to what was beneath the masked selves,

as LOVE'S waters washed my blind eyes clear so that once more I could see.

And I wondered how I ever believed for so long in the density of the masks,

now seeing them for the wispy shadows they truly were.

There within stood My inner Self breathing in and out

as It always had.

In Its eyes I was reminded me how beautiful and perfect

even the most painful play was and is,

a wonderful unfolding of Spirit in All Its Glory and all its stories!

Judgment dropped as fear and pain evaporated

and I was left standing,

held in the arms of my Beloved Divine.

And though I may have slept, tumbling into dreams of dark and light,

I realized that I had never left those arms,

they've always been where they always were,






Dearest Ones, you are never alone, no matter how dark the roads may seem. Call out to LOVE to comfort and guide thee!

All my love, Jamie

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