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When life's unclear remember that you are bigger than you think you are!

All of life has rhyme and reason,

and even when the sounds and pictures don't rhyme,

there is a reason...

For all of life is perfect and divine,

a multi-dimensional puzzle, where all the pieces will and do come together

eventually, forming the most intricate and amazing patterns for mind and heart to assemble and uncover the clues to the mystery that is each one's own.

You see as you are; you perceive as you be. So the pictures that form in front of you are part of you, held inside of thee.

I can't see any smaller than I see, except through you,

and I can't BE any smaller than I BE, except through you,

when my mind looks at ME/me that way.

And when you grow wise like ME,

you stop thinking yourself so small,

and step into your grandness, standing tall

with heart open to all you encounter along the way.

It is greatness that I see when I look at you.

Because whether you believe it or not, doesn't mean it's not true.

When I look at you I see beauty, perfection, and possibility;

I see energy playing in a multitude of ways;

I see Spirit shining bright in flesh and bone, inside of thee,

forgetting all it truly be on purpose,

for the purpose of discovery!

Perhaps you can't see or don't know how powerful your spirit is,

or that you don't need permission to be all you can be--

you already are perfect to ME.

Now you just need to practice seeing with eyes that are clear,

and a heart that is open,

to allow the energy to flow through you

in the way it was meant to, knowing that as you are

it is enough.

Breathe and be with the moment, owning all you see as part of you,

and offer what you see the acceptance and LOVE you and I ARE!

~ The Divine (LOVE)

We are it all, the small and the large, the great and the gross, and only when we look upon our totality with the greatness we are, can we make it possible for our smallness to rejoin the vastness, becoming the wholeness We Are.

All my love, Jamie

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