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Dreams, Delusions or Destinies of Grandeur?

I may dream a little dream that hides inside of me,

or dream a big dream that might consume me,

but if I dream not, then what have I got?

So are your dreams delusions or destinies of grandeur? Will they take form or remain formless? It really matters not, as long as it makes you become a better, happier, more creative version of yourself! We humans need something to strive for, that the pursuit of it gives us meaning and purpose in our lives. Small goals, big goals, and rest all have their space in a fulfilling life. Never give up on the dreams in your heart, no matter how grandiose they may be, or how impossible they may seem; to do so, is to limit the Creative within you.

To achieve anything you must first start with the inspired idea, and then commit to its expression, combining it with consistent, inspired, guided action (taking steps regularly towards the realization of the goal), persistence and perseverance (Through all setbacks or failures, you hold fast to the achievement of the dream goal), continued, unwavering belief in its expression and successful completion, and surrender and non-attachment to the outcome, timing, and how it will ultimately express itself or be received. You are a Channel for the Creative Energy, and if it is meant to flow through into expression, with your openness, enthusiasm, and commitment, you will co-create the Experience and give life to the Creation!

The specific dream may be realized, or not; there's a possibility that it is just needed to lead you into a better and bigger life for yourself, the thing that will hold your hand temporarily, as you explore more of yourself and your creative capacity. If you take the time to connect daily to the Divine within you, you will always be on the right path for you and know the right steps to take that lead you forward. And by connecting to the highest within you, you'll also know if you have to keep on going to bring the energy of your dream in, or if it is time for you to release that dream so that a more perfect one can come on in and take its place.

It's always a good idea to toss in a few sweet and simple dreams to keep your big ones company. This keeps you in the flow of creation and success, while you work on playing with the big ones, allowing what wants to be born from you to emerge when it is ready. Best of luck finding the dreams your Source of Inspiration and magical co-creation partner hold for you. You ARE a creative artist, whether you feel like one or not. Give yourself permission to PLAY today, and see what comes out, with no judgment for yourself or others--we are all just having fun, doing the best we can with what we have. So, get on with it, have some fun today--you and your dreams deserve it!

We the dreamers dream the dreams that greatness holds.

We the believers believe the beliefs that mind/Mind molds.

We the livers live the life found in Time's folds.

What dreams will flow?

What beliefs will grow?

What life will show?

The Heart streams its dreams for the mind to see. What does your heart want? What is it trying to get you to see? Take and listen to its call, as it will take you closer to where you want to be.

All my love, Jamie Ferry

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