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Hello 2018!

Everything in existence is vibrating at a unique energetic frequency that gives it its identity, shape, form, energetic impact. Numbers have their own vibrational essence as well.

Numerology is the universal language of numbers: days, years, as well as the numerical value of letters and words.

The number of the year sets the underlying energetic tone of the year. It is the energetic frequency that is the backdrop for us all to play within, impacting each individual in different ways. Each day then has its own frequency that is added to the year's number and produces the tone of the day. Depending upon what the numbers are for each day as well as each individual, certain qualities are invited out of and back to us, setting up and playing into the great dramas and stories that become our living experiences.

In numerology 2018 adds up to an 11/2 year (2+0+1+8=11, 1+1=2). 11 is a master number, while 2 is a partnership/union number. 11 is a double 1, so it intensifies the qualities of the number 1, but it also adds up to be 2 (1+1=2). 1 is an initiating number, the pioneer, the number of creation, a masculine, yang number, primarily about the "me, mine, my energy". 2 is a feminine, yin number, the divine sacred mother energy, a number that brings peace and union between others, and is about the "we, our energy". 11 is the first of the master numbers and is a highly spiritual and intuitive number, one of enlightenment. Consisting of two 1's, the first 1 is the little me, the Ego-personality self; the second 1 is the higher Self; and the 2 is the union, joining, merging of our Ego identity with our Higher Self. The heart is the bridge to join these parts. The energies in our heart (acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, LOVE) creates a connection, not only between people but also energies, allowing us to transmute our negative into its original positive aspect, reintegrating it into the wholeness of our being. Love is the energy of the 2, where duality split and separated the energy, LOVE restores unity. 2018 will be a year we begin to grow our relationship between our ego and higher Self by viewing the wounds of the ego and the world through the eyes of the heart. When we connect with life from this evolved state, we move into our heart's power to build greater understanding and union within and between each other. The Earth has begun the process of wrapping up duality and initiating its ascension process, it's evolution time for humanity. It's time for us to heal our wounds and return to our wholeness, t transmute the lower shadow frequencies

With double 1's initiating change, first within the self, and then within the other; 2's empathy, consideration, appreciation of the beautiful and artistic, and desire for peaceful connection and union; and 11's highly spiritual and intuitive energy, 2018 is a year we will all be able to attain greater understanding and mastery of ourselves through our relationships, with the different parts of ourselves and each other, in deeper and more profound ways, should we choose to. It will take us into our mental and emotional wounds so that we may begin the healing. It will also highlight our connections and relationships with ourselves (body, mind, soul, and spirit) and each other, creating conditions that help us recognize what divides and distances us, and discover what links us one to the other, bringing us into union with each other in different ways. This year will allow us to look at our partnerships (romantic, friendships, work, perceived enemies, etc.) releasing old ideas and relationships/partnerships/behavior/habits that have served their purpose, discovering and forming new ones, refining and strengthening existing ones.

How can you be more truly your authentic self (the one in your heart)? How can you better take care of your body, mind, soul, spirit, family, friends, community, world, earth, etc.? What is it time to accept and release? Who can you partner with on creative projects, hobbies, community projects, global initiatives, or whatever excites and delights you? Life is about to get very exciting! Sure, we will all be witnessing the shadow loom large upon the world stage, but right alongside it, the world will see LOVE and LIGHT standing and shining bright, beckoning to us to return to bask in the glory and change the story of our split and separation.

Numerology is another tool that can help you understand different parts of yourself, providing new dimensions of understanding and self-discovery. If you are interested in knowing more there are plenty of sites online, as well as many good books that will expand your knowledge and appreciation of numbers. In life, knowledge of numbers and their meanings is useful but not necessary. It is best to be present with life and what is showing up for you, and the feelings and thoughts being activated in you in relation to your experiences. Allow your feelings to move through you, acknowledging them, accepting, understanding and releasing them, while you choose to act from a space of LOVE. From this energy, we really can create a better life and world!

All my love, Jamie

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