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In the midst of the fight, where does peace reside?

It's found in our hearts when they're open wide!

Oh, Palestinians can you not see that Israelis exist inside of thee?

And Israelis do you not know that Palestinians beat in your heart so?

(*This can be said for all individuals and sides that find themselves in opposition to another)

Everything we see on the outside we hold on the inside,

and we may try to separate and divide,

but you can't make the whole unwhole forever.

We walk in separate bodies but our Spirit is ONE. Each one of us carries every other part of the whole within us. And we play with different ideas and identities, attaching ourselves to different pieces of the larger possible Self, falsely believing that our attachments are the only truth and reality. But how can anyone say that any pinpoint in the circle is better or more worthy than any other one, for all the dots inside the circle build the circle WHOLE, giving each other context and meaning, all companions within the circle of life?

Have we not learned to share, to care about each other? Can we try to be better towards ourselves and each other? Every one of us carries pain inside, blame inside, shame inside, and only when we find the heart inside and the energies in it: Acceptance, Apology/Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Compassion, adding up to Unconditional LOVE, can we begin to heal the hurt inside, and create a better, more peaceful world outside. If we desire a more peaceful world then we will need to seek what unites instead of divides; to build bridges instead of walls, as we try to understand how the other sees and feels. Putting ourselves in their shoes gives us a more complete view of the entire equation that we ourselves are a part of. For the equation: 1+ 2 = 3 we must understand what 1 is, and 2, 3, +, and =. Only when we do this for all the individual perspectives, which are involved, are we able to make the most effective and fair decisions that support the greater good for all.

Karl Marx's Conflict Theory claims society is in a state of perpetual conflict due to competition for limited resources; it holds that social order is maintained by domination and power, rather than consensus and conformity. This is part of the old paradigm that perpetuates the cycles of conflict and pain through competition and control. In order to stop the cycle, we must change the energy within us. The way energy works is that what we do to another, we do to ourselves, and will have the same energy returned to us. When we hurt or harm others, we hurt and harm ourselves. The same holds true for when we help and heal others, we help and heal ourselves. What the theory fails to realize is that we are evolving as a species, and while certain resources may be limited, we are not limited by our limited resources when we can utilize our unlimited imagination to come up with solutions to the challenges we face and discover new alternatives to our former ways of being and living. Neither are we limited to competition and control/domination, we also have the higher powers of cooperation, consideration, and compassion at our disposal. We can move from our belly into our heart, to tap into the true power we as divine beings have available, to solve any issues we come into contact with, and create a better world for all involved.

All conflicts involve two or more aspects in opposition to each other. But what the two sides may not realize is that they exist on one line of energy, connected, no matter how different or far apart in perspective they may seem. I do not pretend to understand all the intricate details of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and each individual involved and viewing it will have their own personal feelings and thoughts activated in relation to the experience, but I believe in humanity and our evolving and growing ability to navigate these intensely emotional situations and conflicts in a manner that takes everyone involved into consideration. Life can be messy, and our wounds run deep, and as such, take time to understand, process and heal. Rigid minds create rigid bodies and lives. We must stop the violence against one another, and in our own time, forgive all that has been done, accepting responsibility collectively and personally so that we can move into a space of peace. If we desire a better world, we must be better.

I love the Earth and I love all humans, so I love Palestinians and Israelis, and I hope the love within each one of them helps soften their minds by moving them into their hearts, helping all to find a way to get along, to remain considerate of the other, and to treat themselves and each other better.

We on planet Earth can grow our humanity strong again. To do so we will need to evolve from our lower nature to embody the Divine GOD Energy, the energy of LOVE. We must become our divine Higher Selves to create Heaven on Earth for all. Instead of trying to only serve ourselves, we must seek to serve each other. Where division in mind and body exists we must bring in the understanding and unity of our Hearts, and let that higher energy guide us in all we do.

We are the one world and many beings, each with the right to be all we choose to be, and to create our lives from our inner vibrations and outer actions. We must live with the lives and world we built; and yet we aren't limited to the way things are, we have the power to change things by becoming our better selves. To live a more peaceful, prosperous and joyful life, lay down your fighting and shift into the heart's space of uniting; stop seeing the enemy and realize the enemy is a friend to thee, as well as energy that exists inside of thee, that only seeks to be understood by you, and if you continue hurting it, you will continue hurting yourself. Choose to be compassionate and understanding, taking all viewpoints into consideration; be LOVE to live LOVE and let LOVE grow! It will take time, but we will build a better world that is supportive and nurturing to all. I have faith.

All my love, Jamie

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