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Giving and Receiving, Two Sides of the Same Coin

Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin.

It is said that it's much better to give than to receive, but one can't exist without the other. It would be like taking a breath in and not letting it go.

Receiving can come occur when one is lacking or has a need, but not necessarily. Giving generally comes from a fuller space when one has enough to share, and in a spirit of generosity spreads that fullness out as an act of love. But just as we have the duality of light and darkness, our actions may be motivated by positive or negative intentions. All aspects come with their light and their shadow, and both the shadow and light serve a purpose.

Shadow giving can be done with expectations or strings attached, or done because of the power it gives the giver, or the sense of superiority. Shadow receiving can exist when the receiver doesn't feel worthy, feels guilty or ashamed, doesn't appreciate the gift, or has an unhealthy sense of entitlement. Selfishness, greed, lack, and resentment are also connected shadow energies to the experience of giving and receiving.

The shadow aspects are those aspects that separate one from the other, whereas the light aspects unite. In duality, there is a separation point in the poles directly in the middle, known as the zero point (looks like a pinpoint of light, like a numerical zero). When you move from duality to unity you step into an awareness of how there are no separations, how everything is connected and part of the one same energy, displaying differently at different points in time and space. The LOVE in the Zero point in the middle of the pole fills in the hole and stretches out right and left, connecting the opposite sides, making it into one beam of light that radiates out, transforming it to wholeness. From this zero point, Consciousness may localize itself at any point within the particular pole of energy, thus becoming or embodying different ways of "be-ing".

Giving and receiving, while different aspects, are one and the same line of energy; one couldn't exist without the other. It is important to understand that the entire experience of giving could not occur if there was no other to give to, just as receiving could not occur if there was no gift or offering given in the first place. The two aspects are inseparable and interconnected in life.

Giving and Receiving is giving:

It's giving the giver the gift of giving its energy, the opportunity to express its abundance and love.

It's giving the receiver the gift of energy, meant to add to the ease and enjoyment of life, perhaps a token of appreciation for all they mean to the giver.

Giving and Receiving is receiving:

For the receiver, it's receiving a gift of energy, love, care, compassion from the giver.

For the giver it's receiving an opportunity to express and share a piece of its love, to reflect the abundance of the self and the other--for we are all reflecting and mirroring each other's energy (love) back to each other.

If one is constantly stuck on one side of the pole, an imbalance occurs, both in the individual and the relationship between two individuals. It's like taking a breath in, and not breathing out. Go ahead, take a deep breath in. Hold it for 1, 2. Now breathe out. The breath is giving you life, you're giving the breath a container for its energy gift, allowing it to have something/someone to give to. You are receiving its energy, which allows you to keep living. The breath is receiving a space to play and given a purpose to serve. Both mutually serve and benefit the other.

So you take that breath in, but at some point you need to breathe out, to create more space for new life to come in and continue the dance. Us breathing out is a gift to ourselves, our body, and the Earth. We breathe out carbon dioxide, our toxic energy, which heals and rebalances our body, and is received by the Earth (plants, trees) as nourishment. If you do not breathe out the experience is not complete. For life, not breathing in and out are not options. Life is about the balance and full expression of the energies, for they were created to be, and as one arises, so too does the other; one is not better than the other, one couldn't exist without the other.

So appreciate the giving and receiving for the receiving and giving it is, part of the one same energy. Take time to make peace with both the shadow and light aspects of giving and receiving within you. And during this holiday season and every day after, take time to participate with both aspects of giving and receiving, whether it be physical gifts or mental and emotional presents (presence). Share your energy, time, compassion, care, love, laughter, positive encouragement and thoughts, money, food, art, creative expression, ideas, etc. with others, the planet, the universe, the Divine, and receive other's energy gifts with gratitude, joy, and love because you are amazing and worthy and deserve the best.

To the giver in you, thank you for giving. And to the receiver in you, thank you for receiving. It truly is a blessing to give and receive, and I hope you give everything you have in your heart to give, and receive way more than you ever thought possible! Merry, Merry!

All my love, Jamie Ferry

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