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Full Hearts, Full Bellies.

Even though it stinks for the worm, the bird is happy.

All of us, at some point in our Soul's experiences within the grand fabric of time and space, have had to play the worm, sacrificing the self for others. Is this fair? Well, I suppose that depends on how you look at it. Our compassion may kick in for the worm when we spot it in its predicament, but a bird's got to eat too, so what about compassion for the bird?

Each entity desires to have certain experiences within life, and sometimes those experiences may be perceived as positive or negative, but to label the negative as wrong would be coming from a limited perspective. You can't play the hero if you don't have a villain, and you can't feed the worm-eating bird without a worm. So instead of seeing the worm as the unlucky one, maybe see it as a willing participant in the circular dance of life, who after some time crawling around and delighting in the earth, turning up the soil, so that the elements may mix together and create fertile ground, humbly offers its little wiggly body up for another aspect of itself that happens to be its feathered friend. In giving its energy up to the bird, the bird may then go on continuing life, and the consciousness temporarily taking form as the worm may then change form and reform itself into something new, having new adventures and experiences. Eventually, one book needs to end so you can read something new.

We live within the duality of giving and receiving, a breath in and a breath out. Without both sides in equal measure, an imbalance would occur, both within ourselves and the field at large. As we evolve spiritually we grow less dense, becoming lighter and higher in frequency, and our sacrifices shift from being a win-lose exchange to a win-win one, where the more you give, the more you receive, where it's not about losing or having things taken from you, but about freely offering what you are able to in a spirit of love--gestures and gifts shared willingly. With higher consciousness, we are aware of the connection between the two sides, the giver, and the receiver, realizing we are interconnected and whatever we do to them will come back to us, and so we never take more than was lovingly offered, nor do we withhold our love from them. We give with love and receive with gratitude. We give of ourselves in service to others, and in turn, others give of themselves in service to us (not necessarily the same people that we give to). We share who we are with the world, and then the world shares itself with us. In our gifts, we grow more good in the world and invite more good into our world. We feed each other with the love in our hearts and heads and the actions of our body.

Here's to love and gifts of generosity, and full bellies and hearts!

All my love, Jamie

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