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Double the love, diminish the pain!

We've all been touched by tragedy and moved by misery because of all the pain we carry inside. It bubbles up and floods out in an attempt to be seen by us. For the pain's ferocity begs our loving attention, to ease its suffering and change its name from the unloved to the Loved. Heart holds the key to unlock the chains and release the heavy weight our burdensome energy must bear.

We aren't in charge of the energy that flows into our lives, but we are in charge of the energy we flow to what comes to us, to how we choose to perceive and then receive the energy. If we can receive it as love would and embrace it compassionately, instead of resisting or judging it, we connect to our ability to heal and uplift the fallen energy inside of us. As we heal it we are healed.

**Double the heart to lessen the pain.

Double the love to feel good again.

In time we find ourselves, and eventually, see all of our selves. For our cells contain time and everything that dances in time and space; inside of them a collection of different past and future times that when turned on, parade their being/doing aspects all around and through us, reminding us of these pieces of our selves that were temporarily forgotten. Each moment gives us the chance to experience different parts of ourselves and own them as our own experience and energy. If we choose to remake what comes up as negative into its original positive aspect, we do so through our Heart. The heart's transmutation is the energy's elevation, the process of making the dead energy the living once again, or turning the light back on where the shadow may be.

Breath is the energy that enlivens and activates the inner cell's capsules of mental and emotional data our Higher Souls desire to process. It is what brings to life the energies that then magnetically, by turning on the emotions, or actively, by turning on the thoughts that motivate action, build the life we see. We can use the breath to carry us into the parts of us that house the pain we carry and shuttle it straight into our loving heart. Each chamber holds a different energy that changes the energetic thread, stripping it of its outer shell to reveal the inner core that may be reprogrammed by LOVE'S Intention. Use the present moment and breath to reclaim and rename all the unloved in you back into the loved!

All the hurt in me is healed because when it revealed itself I revealed my loving acceptance to it. Love is the key to unlock the layers of pain and uncover the LIGHT hidden within it. Be your best to be your brightest!

All my love, Jamie

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