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Transforming War Into Peace

Life on Planet Earth can be challenging and difficult. As a playground of energetic Duality it puts us through the rigors of a continuous tug-of-war of the energies inside of us, each side fighting for dominance. I acknowledge the fight and all the wisdom and experiences it holds for us, but after living many lifetimes engaged in battles of various sorts, this one included, I can firmly say, I'm for bringing peace to all the war. I am tired of the fighting. And with that I open my arms and heart and embrace the war, the fight, the pain, anger, rage, hate, destruction, sadness, loss, fear, violence, shame, guilt, turmoil, devastation, panic, anxiety, stress, and every other negative emotional or mental energy connected to war and fighting. I apologize to any of it for any part of me making it feel bad or wrong. I forgive myself and others for being it. I know these energies don't feel good because they don't feel good to me and I want to feel good, so I want them to feel good in me (because of compassion, the Heart's 4th chamber). I tell them they no longer need to hold that form for me, that they are free to be love and light again. I reclaim them and rename them love and light.

Energy mirrors energy, and spreads whatever frequency it happens to be vibrating at. So when it shows up in the external field for us it does so to get us to see what we hold within us. War against ANYTHING, is a resistance to that thing--you push against it, it is forced to push against you. Since we hold the frequency of everything we see inside of us, that means that if we fight or judge it we are fighting ourselves. This is entirely exhausting; no wonder we as a society are so chronically diseased.

The ONLY way to free the self and end the battle is to realize you created the very thing you are fighting, and that it is showing up in your space to get you to face it and embrace it, taking it back into your loving heart, restoring it to wholeness. When you OWN that creation within you, and instead of resisting or judging, move to embracing, thanking, forgiving and compassionately loving the energy, which allowed you to experience whatever particular energy you formed it to be, you put yourself in a space of power to change the frequency; whatever hell it was, was made by You (the Higher You), for you (the human you), giving you the chance to create living experiences with it in all the incarnations your soul needed it.

Energy once created can never be destroyed, it can only be recreated or REFORMED. If we no longer desire to continue experiencing it in our lives then we must change the energy within our inner field. We TRANSFORM it back to LOVE by loving it, releasing all judgment of it and taking it through our heart and its four chambers. LOVE was the frequency that programmed it in the first place, so LOVE is what we need to vibrate at if we desire to change the frequency.

If we want a more peaceful world we must begin within ourselves, taking all our fractured parts and building bridges for them straight into our hearts. Make peace with all the pieces in you so your life can be whole. Then move with and from this peace and spread it out into the world. In having compassion for all the parts of us that are wounded, who believe the battle is the only way, we allow for something better to take the space. May the love in our hearts open our heads and lead us all to a better way of being and living. Peace be with you and peace be in you! Let's all build a more peaceful world!

All my love, Jamie

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