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Greet Each Day Anew & Change the Energy Inside of You!

Each day will bring you new things and a bunch of old things (emotions, thoughts and experiences) to deal with. Welcome what comes to you into your loving heart so what is no longer needed can go and part. As it's restored to wholeness its pain is wiped away and you can begin anew this very day!

Don't miss the life you're living because you are too busy worrying about the life you lived or could have lived.

Regret is best accepted as a feeling stored inside then taken back into the heart that's wide. Worry, anxiety, and fear block the path to better feeling days, and only by embracing them can you change their way.

Creativity and inspiration ride the wave of now. If you're swimming in the pools of past or running through fields of future, you aren't tuned into the right station to receive the messages meant to be heard. To pull yourself back into body where your Consciousness is present and powerful you may silently or softly say, "NOW", while gently tapping on your heart. Take a deep breath in and connect to NOW, and SMILE! :)

You may get swept away by your past or you may receive the wave of past and ride it into the present as you grow your Consciousness through the awareness reintegration process.

You will have thoughts of past in the present moment in order to have the chance to heal and integrate it in the here and now, as you take the corresponding frequencies/energetic threads inside the cells of your body, and reintegrate them into your heart's wholeness. You must feel to heal and acknowledge with voice and loving acceptance before you can change the negative into the positive. In changing it you release its negative charge from inside your body, thus making you less magnetic to experiences that match it.

Change, like life, can only happen in the present. So whatever comes to you decide if you'd like to keep carrying it with you or transform it and release it on its way. If you are ready to let it go take it through your heart and bless it and release it on its way. You heart holds the power to deactivate energy and reactivate it, rewriting the energy, transforming it from one thing to another.


I be present and pleasant.

I be calm and clear.

I love living now and here!

I take what is old and make it new

by giving it the LOVE that's true;

taking what is and making what is

into its loved self!

All my love, Jamie

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