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Perfect As We Are

I'm not perfect

but I'm perfectly me,

and that's just about as perfect as can be!

And you're not perfect,

but you're perfectly you,

and if you stay true to you,

you'll see that's just completely perfect too!

It's not about right or wrong,

weak or strong,

it's about loving everything within that's dark and light,

and seeing how it all is right...

because it all serves the ONE,

and it all serves you!

If it's showing up in your space,

it's your job to see and own it and return it to its rightful place--

right in the center of your heart,

re-formed as the LOVE it was from the very start.

Give love to all that's seen as imperfect

so that it may feel loved for all it is

and have the chance to reform itself

into something that you will love more.

Healing begins with acceptance,

as we accept what is revealing itself to us

and embrace it all within our loving hearts.

Unconditional love is the essence of our highest way,

and the only way to transform the imperfect back into LOVE'S perfection.

All my love, Jamie

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