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From Failure To Success

You're not failing, you're forming. Success takes time to form itself into being; it is defined by desire and intention together with continued persistent action and an unrelenting commitment to move forward until it is complete. Failure can form into success if you fail to give up. Each attempt, a success in the direction of achievement. Each achievement, an accomplishment adding to a clearer vision of our better self, and a greater sense of confidence in one's mental, emotional, and physical abilities, as well as the perfect workings of the Universe and how it lines everything up just so.

*(Borrowing a portion of a House of Pain song (denoted by the asterisk) for this Success Affirmation, with a special Thank you to Everlast, the writer of "Jump Around")

Affirmation: I am Success... *I'm the cream of the crop, I rise to the top.

And we must rise to our top each time we fall in failure. We must push on, get up, and carry on with the work that is at hand. For our successes, like our new bodies upon conception, take time to form into being.

So what drives one to succeed? What drives you to succeed?

For me, it's determination, an unrelenting desire to explore and express and be all that I can be, or perhaps just better than I have been before. It is the subtle or overt curiosity that beckons me onward, to keep going, even when the going seems impossible and giving up keeps nagging me to give in and lay down in bed with it...a bed of disappointment and despair, where the tune is, "Life's not fair."

I don't buy into that song. Maybe sometimes it's easier to quit, but quitters never win and winners never quit, and for all that doesn't work for me and doesn't want to work with me, I say, "That's okay, but you're not getting in my way, because I have places to go and things to see, and things in me that I want the world to see."

If I keep going in the forward direction, I'll keep moving forward. From that momentum a force will grow, the same force that forced me to grow, so it can show me more of who and what I am, and I can show the world more of what's within us all that's good.

In truth, it's all good, even the bad, for they work together to give us things to do and see as we encounter these different pieces of our inner energy. And if we can keep going through all the challenges and pain, stopping temporarily not indefinitely, we'll eventually get to the place that we were going, having the most amazing time along the way.

Success is built from the bones of failure, forming the shape of intentional determined action that refuses to be anything other than success.

It has ideas of its own that may not form the same vision we hold. If we're smart we'll be fluid in our plans and light in our grasp, letting success form how it wants to, instead of limiting it to how we want it to be. Our limited vision can limit and restrict what wants us. And if we lock the door,

then how can more get in?

Here is to the successes in you coming through you, forming all around you. And here is to you never giving up on yourself or the dreams in your heart that got you to start walking towards them.

All my love, Jamie

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