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Pain Is A Gift

I know what you are thinking, "Yeah right, pain stinks, there's no way that it is

a gift, at least no kind of gift I want." And yet we still seem to have plenty of it in our lives with our emotional, mental, and physical pain at the very least bothering us to the worst, crippling and killing us. Our hearts hurt, our heads ache, and our bodies are so sore and heavy with pain that we are on all kinds of painkillers: aspirin, muscle relaxers, booze, drugs, sex, shopping, over-loaded schedules, food, and all the other ways we run away. All so that we don't have to think about it. We try so desperately to stuff down our pain, ignore it, hope it will go away, or we talk endlessly about how this or that hurts, how much medicine we are taking for this or that condition, so proud of and over-identifying with our defects. We constantly feed the dis-ease with our complaining or resistance, and we don't understand that we are CREATING it, and chaining it to us by how we are dealing with it, either over-focus or under-focus.

All energy that exists, exists for a reason. Nothing is purposeless. That you have pain, is a brilliant and beautiful alert system that is trying to get your attention. It is your friend even though it may seem like a foe.

The entirety of Existence is a matter of vibration. Every energy has its own particular vibration, whether it is physical matter, or non-physical matter: thoughts, colors, emotions, ideas, dreams, astral energy, etc. As for us here on the Earth plane, we store our experiences, emotions, and thoughts/beliefs in our body. These things then affect our field by magnetizing similar energies to us, which will either exacerbate the already present issue or activate the field, making conditions ripe for an injury or illness. All of which is meant to get us aware of what we are unconsciously storing there, so we can effectively deal with and release the old energy from the body space, directly at its core cause.

All PHYSICAL conditions and symptoms have their start in MENTAL and EMOTIONAL energies (thoughts, beliefs, emotionally charged experiences/trauma). If we can honestly connect to these underlying thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, seeing them, becoming aware of them, and then accepting them just as they are (and yourself too!), then we can choose to address the issue in whatever physical way would best serve us in healing it. And because we pinpointed the energetic cause and worked on integrating and releasing it, we make it possible for the body to easily heal the physical condition or symptom.

Your body is an AMAZINGLY POWERFUL thing, complete with a wisdom all its own. It holds your emotions and experiences as a record of all that was created, and listens to what your mind is telling it, the words you speak to it in voice or thought. We limit it by setting up confining parameters of what it can or can't do, what it is or isn't. Each negative judgment or observation we utter silently or aloud forces it to conform to those ideas. Instead, apologize for neglecting it, for judging it, hating it, disregarding it. Ask it what it needs from you to be happy and healthy (diet, exercise, fun activities, etc.), then listen to it and give it what it requests. This can be done in meditation or posing the question and then seeing what things come up for you and to you throughout the day. Finally, thank it for rapidly healing itself, and tell it you love it and are so grateful for all it does for you, how beautiful and amazing you think it is (do this whenever you think of it, we all like to be appreciated and our body is no different). And if you don't think your body is great, realize however you think is only one perspective and start working on that: accept that a part of you feels that way and that another part of you would like to feel differently--to actually love and adore your body and to have a body you love and adore. Start dealing differently with your body. Treat it like your best friend, not your worst enemy. You take care of it, and it takes care of you! Praise it to raise its frequency; fill it with love to rise above the low of pain.

Pain is a gift, but it's not a gift you need to keep in your house forever. Consider it less of a chair, and more like a cake--you need to eat that stuff fast, otherwise, you are going to have a big, old, stale, moldy mess on your hands! Okay, not too fast, you don't need a bellyache.

Wallowing in your cake? Sitting on your cake? Well, those are options, but your pants are going to be a sticky mess, and wallowing in a cake isn't the best way to make use of the cake (in my opinion). I suppose pain could be likened to a candle in a glass jar--you burn it, it illuminates the space, letting you see what you could not before, and eventually, it burns out. Now, what do you do with it, let it sit on your counter forever? No, unless you refill it with wax, you throw that thing away (recycle the glass if you can). Time to let that stuff go!

By all means, sit with your pain for a bit, don't push it down, don't deny it, cry if you need to, scream, write it out (Journalling is amazingly therapeutic), go for walks, go for a swim, get some talk therapy, dance, exercise, go to the batting cages or the golf course, or the basketball courts, get a massage, take a bath, paint, draw, sculpt, sew, knit, watch a sad movie, then watch a funny movie (after you cried your eyes out), hang with your guy or girlfriends who support you, hang with your family, or go to groups that understand what you are going through, plant a tree or a garden, volunteer to help others in need, spend time with animals/pets, clean up around the house, cook, bake, sing, listen to music, play music, go on a trip, breathe deep, find alternative healing methods and modalities--MOVE the Energy through you!

If it is a Physical Condition or symptom: Ask the Pain what energy it is holding? Ask it how it is serving you? Ask yourself this too--sometimes we hold onto our pain because we have connected our identity to it. It gives us things to do in the tending to it, the complaining about it, etc; we get sympathy from others or an excuse to get out of life activities we don't desire to participate in. No matter how long pain has been a visitor in your life and body, it DOES NOT NEED TO BE PERMANENT! There is always a way to make peace with it, to understand why it was created by your soul in the first place, and to create a different, healthier reality, at least one filled with more peace and less pain--if you desire and CHOOSE that.

Honor the gift pain brings, respect its message, and when the wick is done, or the last morsel has been tasted, pick it up and drop it in the trash, then tie up the bag and take it down to the can (with gratitude), where the lovely trash men (Source LOVE) will collect what you no longer need, opening the space for new energy to come in. Thank Pain for how it served you, for all it showed you about yourself (the good and the bad, because they are both important and have value in our experience of Life and Self). Say your goodbyes to Pain, as you send it on its way with love in your heart. Now invite JOY back into your life and your body space. Choose to start living in joy again, doing all those things that add joy to your life. Perhaps some of the same things that helped you understand and heal your pain, perhaps some different things. Whatever makes your heart sing and smile--DO THAT!! And remember, share your joy with others too, for they may find themselves in pain, and need a reminder of what else is possible.

All my love, Jamie

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