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VOICE and A Choice

You have a voice and a choice,

to use it for LOVE or NOT LOVE, to be kind, supportive and constructive, or cruel, contentious and destructive.

You may seek to go after what you deem wrong in your view, but complaining, blaming or shaming ensure that the old won’t be made new.

To change what is, you must love it as it is, and then go from there. Judgment and resistance create a persistence of the form that's being judged. Only LOVE has the key to unlock the form letting it be transformed anew.

Choose wisely how you wield your words, because as you choose and do, you build— with the quality of your building, matching your energy.

Remember, ‘tis you that will be required to live in and with

all your energy builds.

There is no escaping the energy that is us, for all that is us, always returns home, called back to us by our heart, its home.

Make your home a loving one, embracing all that comes back to you, and let's build a more loving world.

Speak your truth, but speak it through the mouth of LOVE.

Let LOVE guide your actions and interactions. Let it bring you understanding and connect you to the wisdom of your compassion that knows how to deal with everything that comes up. From this space we really can heal what feels bad and wrong by being good and right to it.

All my love, Jamie

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