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Gift Of The Sacred Chamber

Life brought all the things to me that lead me to this space.

Or maybe it was bringing me all the things that needed my help in taking them back,

so they might know true peace again.

Broken, twisted, exhausted,

unable to do anything but surrender;

made it easy to slip in or be carried in by LOVE'S healing arms and breath.

As quickly as I entered it, it entered me...

A deep serenity swept through and from my heart,

cascading over and through every cell in all my bodies,

washing away the pain that had come to be swept away--

So that I might know it, and it might finally be known.

And in the knowing, receive the love to heal its pain.

It was that heart connection and total resurrection of the LOVE I AM;

leaving me humble and exalted,

with a firm knowledge of the magnificence of myself and ALL,

regardless of what the temporary masks looked like.

It gave its gifts with abandon, never abandoning or rejecting anything

that came its way.

Like oxygen it breathed new life into everything that opened to receive it.

Like the sun it shone its warmth and light into every space of cold and dark.

It opened up all the spots in me that had been closed for so long,

bringing down all the walls that my shadows had erected,

leaving me


We are all energy,

playing with and for our SELF.

Enjoy your playing!

And should you need some guidance for the day,

take time to connect inside,

and let your heart lead the way.

All my love, Jamie

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