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The Message In The Mess

I know from experience that when the stuff hits the fan, life gets messy.

But even if you run and take cover or hide away, you'll still need to come back eventually and clean it up.

So when your world crumbles, or things don't go your way, pause, breathe deep and look and listen to what life's trying to say to you. When life falls apart, it is so we can put things back together in a more complete way.

We contain all the energy building every experience we find ourselves in. We can disassemble all parts of the equation (emotional and mental elements), putting the puzzle together, and then own, reshape and replace the parts if we look at things with our heart and embrace them with our LOVE, instead of judgment and fear. All things just want to be seen and understood for what they are, accepted and restored to wholeness by the one witnessing and containing them. If it's in your view, it's in you. This means that if you experienced it, you created it on some level, and can recreate it from that level. That level, is LOVE. The LOVE I am referring to is pure, unconditional, compassionate love, original will/desire. It doesn't mean that you love suffering, but that you love the parts of you that took on the frequencies of the suffering aspects, all so that your Soul could experience what it felt like to be those things. In your LOVE you have the power to reshape the negative bad feeling energy into energy that feels good again.

Life is bound to get messy at times because of the messy energy inside of us, but we have the power within to sort everything out, or to draw those towards ourselves that can help assist with the sorting. We are here on this planet to explore, express, experience and eventually understand and reintegrate our energy, as well as pursue the dreams of our heart. Our Heart field is our emotional field; it contains the continuum of emotional expressions from the original highest to the lowest within the spectrum of Duality, positive to negative. Much of the negative emotions and thoughts remain part of our subconscious energy, waiting to be reactivated by breath and allowed the opportunity to express as themselves for us, giving us the chance to make them part of our conscious awareness once more.

Just as our heart holds dreams that our Soul wants to have the joy of experiencing, each emotion, thought and experience inside of us longs to experience being taken back into LOVE'S Healing heart, invited in and accepted back into wholeness once again. The time to do this is while we are encountering or reflecting upon these things in our conscious awareness. Through life we have the opportunity to reconnect with all these disconnected parts of ourselves as they fly into our view on the wings of our experiences.

To put a puzzle together and solve a mystery, we must pick up the puzzle piece and put together the clues. To better understand ourselves and reestablish our wholeness, we must reclaim the shadow aspects inside of us, rejoining them to the light of our consciousness. Sometimes this is easy work, and other times it is contained in the most challenging of conditions. But regardless of the wrapping, each experience we encounter is a gift from our higher selves to ourselves, and if we step into our compassionate, courageous heart it will help our heads to decipher the message each piece of our life has for us.

When you find yourself in the middle of a mess, look at how the event or experience makes you feel, acknowledging with voice to yourself all of those individual feelings. What are the roles involved (the active and receptive parts)? Own all sides within yourself, because even if you weren't the one acting, you still contain both aspects inside of your inner field, and your experiences happen to you to help you release any negative judgments towards anything. And finally you can look at the thoughts you have in connection with the event, deciding what energies you desire to release from your field. Taking the time to look at the individual aspects of each experience you have, helps you to better understand all that occurred or is occurring, and the possible reasons behind it so that you don't need to recreate those kinds of experiences in your future.

All my love, Jamie

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