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The Storm's Gift

All physical things and experiences are built with mental and emotional energetic threads, vibrating at specific frequencies, that weave them into form and being. We are water(emotions) and Earth(matter/form), air (thought) and fire(spirit)... energy moving, transforming, and sometimes, becoming blocked. The winds blow in and the rain comes down to move energy that had gotten stuck.

We can be rigid in our mindsets and hearts, so committed to the pattern of the habits of our accustomed ways of being. But just because that's the way it was doesn't mean that's the way it should be. Occasionally we need a good storm to help us get in touch with our heart field and all the emotions that it holds, to open us up to a new way of experiencing things.

The full moon partial lunar eclipse on August 7, 2017 in Aquarius, representing the human collective, had the moon, our collective emotions, being partially blocked by the Earth. The total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 was in Leo, where the sun, our ego and higher self, was totally blocked by the moon, our emotions. It stirred up a lot of deep-seated emotions held within our collective field...lots of shadow emotions, which need to be addressed and dealt with here in America and the world at large. These are the emotions that we have stuffed down, avoided, ignored, denied, repressed, rejected, judged as bad and wrong. They are the parts of us that just want to be seen and acknowledged, accepted for what they are. Our negative treatment of these negative things only increases the strength and charge of the negative energy. Eventually the field will release out upon us all the intensity of these built-up energies, forcing us to feel and deal with all that they are. The beauty of the physical field, our physical body and environment (Earth, nature and society), is that it displays for us the contained emotional and mental energy inside us all, giving us a screen so that we are able to see/view whatever these inner energies may be.

The gravitational pull of the Moon and the Sun, impacts the Earth's tides. Tides exist in all bodies of water, including our human body, which is made up of around 55-60% water, with our brain and heart composed of 73% water; our lungs at 83%; skin at 64%; muscles and kidneys at 79% and our bones at 31% water. (

What this means is that every part of our body is pulled or impacted by the interaction between the moon and the sun upon the Earth and our bodies. Every part of our body is earth (matter) holding water (emotions). Water helps deliver oxygen throughout the body, and it helps every organ and bodily system to function. It represents our emotions, and acts like a recorder, able to receive an energetic imprint of whatever emotional aspect is sent into the space, moving the various emotions into different cells within our bodies, to be activated and dealt with when our higher Souls desire.

Water's chemical formula is H2O, composed of two Hydrogen atoms bonded to one Oxygen atom. Each Water molecule inside of us, holds our emotional charges, the energetic frequencies of various emotions that have been imprinted upon the molecule, and their partnered air (thought/mental energy aspect) and are then stored in Earth (matter), the cells and tissues of our body. While we are conscious of some things, much exists within our subconscious. These are the stored memories of past created energy and experiences hidden within and from us. The present moment is where breath can activate certain energies allowing us to experience them in and through the interactions we have with one another, or witness others having or going through. If we are present with the emotions and thoughts that come up, we have the chance to transform them, but many times we don't know how to handle the negative aspects and they get stuck somewhere inside of us, buried within the cells of our being.

Eclipses usually bring intense experiences after they occur, and the flooding of Houston, Texas from Hurricane Harvey, as well as Hurricane Irma on the East Coast, are definitely part of these intense energies. Water represents emotion, and our bodies are of the Earth. Usually Earth holds water, so water flooding represents us being overrun by emotions. What emotions? Well, whatever it triggers in each individual would be what each person would need to reintegrate in their consciousness. Fear, sadness, anger, worry, terror, danger, loss, pain, compassion, etc. are just some of the possible experiences.

Currently we are experiencing Hurricane Irma on the East coast of America. The Latin and American meaning of the name Irma is Noble, while the German meaning is War Goddess. We have on our hands a visit from a Noble War Goddess (, attempting to bring us closer to ourselves and our hearts, joining together to face the energy building our shared encounter with Mother Nature and the immense power She holds to tear down the structures we've built that separate us from each other and from the different parts of ourselves. We get to witness the intensity of our collective shadow emotions reflected back to us in the ferocity of this noble War Goddess and Her companions on the field.

Events like these give everyone viewing and going through it the chance to tap into their heart and mind energy and come to terms with all that lurks inside of us. They help us move from a stuck, disconnected, temporary isolation from each other into active participation with life and all that is happening. While it may be scary to go through, it allows us to bring our compassionate love to all that the storm shakes free, and to share that love with the different parts of our selves and each other. Storms create movement, blowing new air into the space, bringing water to wash and cleanse the field, so that new things may grow from the soggy fertile ground. After the storm passes and we take in the damage, assessing what needs to be done to set things right again, we move closer towards emotional freedom from the past unconscious pain, into a more connected state of emerging wholeness.

So when the metaphoric or actual storm approaches and you want to run and hide, take a moment to connect to your center deep inside. Allow that pure space of LOVE to be where you greet whatever comes up to meet you. If worry should threaten to overtake you, feel free to use a mantra I wrote, while breathing deep and slow:

I am calm in the chaos. I am safe in the storm. I am peace in the present.

All my love, Jamie

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