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Rearranging Letters and Meaning...

A, E, H, R, T

Five letters that can be assembled to spell in English: HEART, EARTH, HATER, RATHE

You probably recognize the first three words, but the last one hasn't been in common use for some time. For the purpose of this thought-blog I will weave them all together. Let's begin!


The Heart represents emotions/feelings, the feminine 'being' desire/passion aspect; also represented by the element of Water, one of the two feminine elemental energies that make up life on this planet. Ultimately it represents the LOVE that is at the core of all things. Your physical heart is what helps keep you alive, pumping blood to all the different parts of your physical body.


The Planet, referred to as Mother Earth, for much of life evolved out of the watery oceans, Her womb. Earth is the second feminine elemental energy that life is made up of. The Earth is a spherical planet, shaped round, a feminine shape. Yin in her Feminine Magnetic charge aspect, receptive.


Being the opposite energy of the other two, the heart closed, Not LOVE.

Noun 1. A person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing.

2. a negative or critical person who says or writes unpleasant things about another or criticizes their achievements, especially on the internet. The hater applies a restrictive feeling to one's ideas in their minds, external things they perceive (people, things, concepts, etc.).


Adjective 1. Archaic. (of flowers or fruit) growing, blooming or ripening early in the year or season; (Of a person or their actions) eager or prompt.

Our Original HEART was so full that IT desired to play with energy in a new way. From this desire IT took half of ITS Original perfect and radiant energy, LOVE and LIGHT, and created temporary Opposite energy, Not LOVE and Shadow, so that all could play within a grand experiment of Duality. Mother EARTH opened Herself up to become a playground of Duality, so that Souls could be born onto the planet and play with creating lives and experiences with whatever energies they desired to explore. Much time has passed since our experiment with energy began, and our Souls have had a vast array of experiences in both the positive and the negative.

While hate isn't a new concept, in this digital age, we are surrounded by examples of negativity.

We have built so much hate on this planet and within ourselves that disturbs our peace of mind and heart in life, that if we seek peace, we must begin to unite with all that we separated our hearts and love from, releasing our judgments of hate and the things that are hated.

Let's see what we can accomplish when we're not fighting ourselves and each other. We can all acknowledge our own pain and wounds, and everyone else's as well. Judging self and one another only adds to the pain we all are already feeling. If we desire peace, then we must bring peace to the pain; this is accomplished by applying and supplying to all we encounter that triggers a negative emotional response in us, the Heart's total LOVE and the energy held in its four chambers: acceptance, apology/forgiveness, gratitude/appreciation, and compassion. Drop the labels of enemies and opposition, hater and hated, and realize that all you see is contained inside of you and your inner energy field. If you see it, a part of you be it, which is good, because it means then you have the chance to positively impact it. In order to perceive the energy, you must contain its active energetic frequency codes inside of you, otherwise you would not see, recognize, nor be able to interpret it. The magnets inside you draw it to you, in an attempt to reconnect this disconnected part of yourself. Denying your love to it keeps it stuck in its wounded state, and you forced to keep being confronted by it.

By choosing to open and turn our heart on to all it had been turned off towards, we declare it's okay for things to be as they are, even those things we hate. We also include the parts of us that hate, even they are okay. Feelings are neither right or wrong, they simply are. Judging them as bad, keeps them stuck feeling bad, and because they are connected and held within us, keeps us stuck feeling bad. Acknowledging and giving voice to these parts of us, helps them to feel seen, and from there we can choose to heal their hurt and transform their energy. From us declaring and telling them they are okay, their rigidity and ours softens, and we move from an impasse to an opening where the energy of LOVE can flow and wash away the old ideas and pain of the HATER and hate, making healing and wholeness the reality again. Let's be RATHE in our attempts to reconnect to all we view that feels disconnected, to offer our compassion and goodwill to whatever comes our way. Let's start being more gentle towards ourselves and each other as we navigate the world we presently find ourselves in as we move more into our HEART, embodying its loving energy, while we play upon and within this great, beautiful Mother EARTH.

All my love, Jamie

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