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Riding The Currents

Last night I got to witness first-hand a little bit of nature's magic. As I was hard at work typing away, a tiny spider peeked its head over from the back of my laptop, directly in line with me. This little spider stretched its front legs over, straddling the edge, like a child folding itself in half, hanging on the edge of a bar. It did this for a minute before it started to slowly crawl on the edge, like a mini master tightrope walker. I paused from my work to watch as it began to move its bottom in the air, pushing it up to the ceiling, a little downward dog yoga pose. After 20 seconds of doing this, suddenly it went soaring through the air, flying so gracefully and landing 4 feet away. Images of Spiderman flying between buildings through the air, popped in my head. I had heard a podcast years ago on Ballooning or Kiting, where spiders or other small invertebrates release gossamer threads into the air to ride the air currents.

I felt so incredibly blessed that I had been able to witness that beautiful natural phenomenon of a creature that shares this great big exquisite planet with me. It takes a lot of courage to stick your butt or head out, not knowing what will come of it. But for all the trepidation that may be there, so too is the magnificent possibility for fantastic and exhilarating new experiences, as you journey to places you hadn't thought about going.

As with all encounters with creatures, animals and the like, I took a moment to intuit what message Spirit was bringing to me, and this is what I came up with:

Have faith and trust in the perfect flow of the current as you ride the Divine Winds; let them carry you much farther than your feet and mind can travel alone.

So on that note, I will send this out and let it take flight on the currents of the great big beautiful worldwide web, parachuting into the places and spaces it is meant to go.

All my love, Jamie

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