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The Words We Choose...

Overheard a woman say, "oh that's not good."

I thought, "No that's not good, it's perfect."

We all walk around with our judgments and our preferences: I like that, I don't like this, I want that, I don't want this. Discernment is a natural part of the life process. We need to make choices about which path we wish to wander upon, which avenue we'll give our attention to, what feels right and true for us and our lives. But we must also be aware of the way our thoughts, words and deeds affect our life experience and those around us, knowing that the continued incessant expression of negative words and judgments affects the entire fabric of our lives, staining and straining our experiences. These expressions weave an energetic field around you. Following the adage, 'you get what you put out', it is this field which is responsible for magnetizing experiences that match or resonate with it, drawing to you all those situations that make it possible for you to grow in awareness of what is contained within and broadcasting from you. These experiences are meant to help you resolve the unconscious and wounded aspects of the self, so that we can step more fully into our wholeness by bringing it all back into our heart.

Part of life's purpose is your Consciousness growing in your mastery of your inner emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy. Our activated emotions prompt our thoughts, which motivate our actions, creating consequences/experiences that multiply the emotional energy that we acted from. We may feel negative feelings, or think negative thoughts, but we do not need to act from them. We can choose instead to acknowledge, understand and integrate them back into our loving self, acting as LOVE would in each specific situation. Kindness is not weakness, nor is it blind to the negativity. LOVE does not condone bad behavior, IT compassionately embraces it and raises it, replacing it with a better way to be.

Pay attention to:

your words - the ones you speak to others and yourself, out loud and silently

your thoughts - the ones you think about life, yourself and others

your deeds - the ones you do while others are watching, and the ones you do when no one is aware.

When you notice yourself slipping into the shadow lands, uttering words of a poisonous tone, negative self-beliefs, judgments, fear-statements, pause, breathe in deep, and make a new choice, to acknowledge with voice to yourself and then accept that aspect of the self that is running that energy (it is one possible perspective), forgiving and shifting/transmuting that energy to light and love, by giving it your compassionate love and choosing for it and you to be more positively focused. We can take our negative energy and reshape it by being consciously aware of what it is, reclaiming ownership over it, re-embracing it as part of us, and intending it to be something new. Our heart's emotional field is magnetic to all that comes to us. Its pure LOVE is in command of all that is, and has the power to transform what we see outside of us, energetically inside of us.

By being vigilant and responsible for your energetic contribution to the planetary field, you are doing your part. Every time you choose to embody love's positivity over fear's negativity, you release more of the illusion and step into your true Divine Nature. Taking care of the health and balance of your body, mind, soul(emotional self) and spirit, you add that to the overall field, thus raising the planet's vibration, helping others to raise their vibration too.

Thank you in advance for all you do.

All my love, Jamie

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