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I was just a girl in a world

full of wonder and woe,

who didn't know

how much power she possessed.

And you,

like me,

are more than you see,

and so much more than you know!


Greetings to all,

I hope this moment finds you well. And if it does not, that's okay, it's just a temporary wave you are riding through within yourself and the world. Just as breath continues to move in and out while we are alive in body, so too do our emotions, thoughts and experiences flow in, to and through us. Life gives us the chance to move through the different energies we hold within our selves and cells, as we grow our understanding through all we get the gift of experiencing, even those moments that don't feel like much of a gift.

We are who we are, and yet we are never just what we can see and know, there is always more hidden within us, waiting to be discovered. It is my wish for you that you discover the pieces of yourself that enable you to feel great, and are able to bring peace to the pieces that don't feel so great.

Let the journey to discovery begin.

All my love, Jamie

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