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11 A master number life path that is highly intelligent, intuitive, empathic, and spiritual, powerful with supernatural abilities. 11 comes with a double dose of the power of 1.

1 is generally hard working, driven, full of energy, a natural born leader, with a pioneering spirit, self-motivated, determined, and a passion for art. There is a strong desire to be the leader and to accomplish great things in life. They can overcome any obstacle or challenge they may encounter, and by applying their intense focus they can achieve whatever they desire and set out to complete.

We ARE THE ONE, that split in TWO, that merged/shared/combined half our energies and created/became the THIRD, that altogether existed as the FOURTH.

UNITY, DUALITY, TRINITY, THE DIAMOND RAY (THE ALPHA & THE OMEGA, the Beginning Potential/Desire/Idea, and the End Creation).

The human being is made up of 4 Bodies (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual).

1st Chakra, Root

4th Chakra, Heart

The Root of the Matter is LOVE

11/11 is here! A day that adds up to 4, the Heart Chakra, Hearth, home. Home is where the Heart is, and ALL energy is designed to return HOME to the Individual Heart field that it emanated from, magnetically attracted back to the field based on activated emotional energies.

H.O.M.E = Heart's Own Magnetic Energy.

All energy seeks to be reUnited, returned to Unity, restored to wholeness from the holes We made. We, the Higher We, who desired to play with our energy in a new way, to move away from all We Are to play within a constructed contrast to be able to understand our energy in greater ways, and so from All We Are, we condensed and divided and concocted and created the Opposites, All We Are Not. Our/our threads of energy got Not-ed, and knotted, twisted, and explored. And my what a wonderful experiment of energy We designed to play within this Duality Experiment/Experience. We set up the parameters to play with LIGHT and Shadow, LOVE and Not LOVE, to dance the Duality dance and have the chance to play the multitude of characters and roles and learn from all our playing.

These players We designed and assigned the roles of experiencing, expressing, and eventually developing mastery over the totality of Our/our energies and the name human We gave them. These humans were created in the image and likeness of Our Higher SELF/Self and endowed with creative energy. And just like the Higher-We, the human-we also creates our realities based on our activated emotional and mental energies. Although while Our Higher Consciousness is always aware, many times our human consciousness is not, and stuck either asleep in the unconscious, or operating unaware from the subconscious. The Subconscious is the storehouse of past-created beliefs, unintegrated mental, emotional, and physical experiences the individual Soul/soul had in all of its connected incarnations or lifetimes (different personalities/identities/lifetimes). The Subconscious is in charge most of the time, that is until we move into our Present awareness, Our awake Consciousness. This is where our power resides, and our ability to create change.

Given the potential expression of energies in all the lifetimes and dimensions, the humans we are must grow our awareness of what we are thinking and feeling in the present moment so that we have a chance to develop and expand our Consciousness or Understanding and evolve back into our Higher Self, embodied in the human body.

1111 as a repeating sequence is meant to catch your attention. It is an alert from Spirit (your Higher Self) giving you a chance to pay attention to or be aware of where your mental and emotional energy outputs or frequencies are, as there is a powerful new vortex of energy opening up for you that will manifest according to wherever your energy output is. When you notice 1111 repeating to you frequently, pay attention to your thoughts at the time you see it and be sure to only think about what it is you really want, not what you don't want. Keep your thoughts and focus on the positive and away from the negative side of things. The reason for this is because whatever we give attention to we give power to, we literally energetically fuel it with our Attention-Energy. So, if you want to create good stuff in your life, focus on the fun, not the foul!

1111’s appearing repeatedly deliver synchronicities and coincidences--proof of the magical quality of life, and alert you to wonderful major changes that are coming or in the works. They are like little upside down and backward L's, Love's little helpers or soldiers marching into your awareness to help you check your mind and heart to see what is currently present, what your energetic current is.

11/11 is an energetic gateway that opens up today and that all can connect to that is essentially plugging into a highly spiritual, potent and powerful vortex or wave of energy that will carry you along the Spiritual Awakening Path, Our journey towards Spiritual Enlightenment. Today the Diamond Light Codes will be downloaded into all and activated according to the Desires of the Individual Souls and where they are on the path, or in the Experiment/Game/Experience. You may imagine yourself plugging into Source within your Heart and feel the energy entering your Crown Chakra/Energy Center in the top and middle of your head, filling your entire body with the healing high-frequency Spiritual energy of the Diamond Light.

1 was the beginning ,and so 1 signifies new beginnings and opportunities of expression.

On this day take some time to align with the Divine in you and brainstorm and heart-dream what kinds of things your Higher Self and you would like to co-create for your world and life experience. You are one and part of the ONE, evolving back into the Master You Already Are.

Welcome to the New World, it may seem at times like the old world, or the end of the world, but this is only the energies bubbling up, releasing, testing, and giving us the chance to feel, see, heal, and change and evolve. Stay strong, stay centered, and keep moving into Heart and LOVE, embracing all that flows your way with this high frequency--It will help you weather all storms and create the most abundant, beautiful, spirit-infused life possible.

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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