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Healing the jerk with LOVE

*Post from April 7, 2019

Sure there are a-holes on the planet, that's part of Humanity.

In fact, all well-rounded healthy humans have a little a-hole in them. :)

The problem is if you're facing the world mostly with that part of you then the world starts looking like a toilet & sends a lot of shit your way.

Be grateful for your inner a-hole, but don't let it run the show.

Own your crap, & remember to flush!

Let go so you can grow.

Remember, the world is our mirror.

The a-holes we see are the a-holes we be,

as our outer reality is built with our inner energy,

and it magnetizes the matching energies towards us.

There's no judgment, just another chance to bring more love in

and change and heal some of the shadow energy we hold within.

If we don't like what we see we have the power to change the energy inside of us by applying the higher magnetic powers of our Heart to the specific energy threads/aspects we seek to change/reprogram.

Whatever appears in the mirror of your life is held inside of you.

The external reflection is a surface that's in service to us all. Each one of us gets to see the different facets of our inner beings through the outer realities. Our beliefs build themselves into form all around us. The outside shows up to get us to see what energy we contain that remains unintegrated/unloved/not understood as part of the Self. We must embrace whatever we see, unconditionally loving it as LOVE does in order to transform its experience and our inner and outer realities. LOVE is the Creator Frequency and was the Designer/Programmer of the Energy threads, and so is the only frequency with the power/access codes to rewrite the specific frequencies.

We won't rid the world of all the jerks, but by owning responsibility for creating the energy and idea of the "jerk" and reclaiming it as part of us, taking it through our Heart field (acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, LOVE) we transmute that negative energy into positive energy, increasing the light in the world and simultaneously diminishing the percentages and strength of the shadow energy in the form of the "jerk" in the world. We also make ourselves less magnetic to those negative energy experiences/interactions because we transmuted the negative mental and emotional energy threads inside of us.

If we seek to create a better feeling world we must take personal responsibility for the energy that doesn't feel very good to us, while allowing the world to be what it is and loving it unconditionally, reclaiming and renaming the energy within. Applying Compassion to our encounters, trying to understand how the other side/person is feeling and the pain that is motivating their behavior helps us to connect and generate more peaceful interactions and resolutions. We shift from a space of judging or fighting the world to one of compassionately understanding and owning it. in the state of owning we cease to be slaves or controlled by it--we are empowered and in our power.

You don't have to wait for the world to change, you can be the change you wish to see. The world reflects pieces of you back to you. Don't like what you see? Then change how you be towards it. LOVE'S frequency programmed the energy threads to temporarily be the opposite negative aspect, so only by becoming the frequency of LOVE can you reprogram the threads inside of you. You won't immediately rid the world of the bad, (and nor should you, there are a lot of souls playing within Duality and not all are ready to be finished playing with the shadows) but you will change the bad-feeling energy aspect inside of you into a good-feeling aspect, thus increasing the percentages of the positive in you and the world at large (since the external reflects the internal and you are part of the world, what you do for yourself impacts the world as well). The more of us on the planet that do this Alchemical Energy Transmutation/Heart Work, the more the whole world will grow brighter as we all move through our ascension process.

So while you may run into some cranky people along the way, don't let the cranky ruin your day! And there's no need to let the whole world bring you down, instead take what's down in you and lift it up straight into your heart and its 4 chambers. Embrace what is to replace what is with something that feels better. The reason for this is because you are taking the energy building what is and making it feel good by giving LOVE to it. All energy wants to be accepted and loved for what it is. You cannot control all of the energy in the world but you can change all of the world's energy inside of you. As you heal the energy in you, healing ripples out into the world. We are the containers and changers of the energy we see. As LOVE We made it, so to change it we must Become the We that made it, the LOVE that shaped it.

This is LOVE'S Initiative #BeTheChange

A worldwide movement--Hearts Unite the divided minds, building bridges to Heaven's Domain right here on Planet Earth! E A R T H, H E A R T!

Be the Change; Be the LOVE.

We ARE LOVE expressing as the multitude, the LIGHT shining upon the Shadow to lighten its load and enlighten its way.

People want to connect and express, to be accepted as they are and understood for how they feel. You want to live in a kinder world, be kinder to the world and all that lives in the world inside of you. To end Duality in your field you must be UNITY, of One Heart and Head, LOVE'S Oneness, GOD'S Wholeness, which means you must FEEL/THINK the way about the thing being perceived that LOVE thinks about it--unconditional and true!

In a world of woe, the wonder that seems lost is found within our Hearts. We're all carrying heavy pain that makes the walking hard and the living challenging at times. If we can remember bad behavior comes from bad feeling then maybe we can greet each other with a little more compassion in our hearts and kindness in our Heads and words. This doesn't mean we tolerate bad behavior but that we do not meet bad behavior with more bad behavior of our own, thus compounding the negativity and wounds in the world.

We are the livers of life and have within us a capacity to be the LOVERS of life. Give love to all that would have it and even to those that would not, for love dispensed so willingly, restores balance to the most imbalanced worlds, creating change, impacting the bestower and bestowed in miraculous ways.

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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