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2022 I say goodbye to you, 2023 what will you be to me? New Year New Time and Space to Play

Time exists for us to build experiences in the open arms of space. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months all add up and before we know it another year has been constructed and collected by Time. The memories are captured in our minds and the cells and tissues of our bodies and our Soul's Akashic Records. The life within was arranged by Our Higher Self, the Holy Spirit/Breath, and allowed to do its dance for us allowing us to express, experience, feel, reflect, learn, create/balance karma, heal, and grow.

Ususually the saying goes, "out with the old, in with the new"

and many can't wait to get rid of one year and welcome the new one--but that kind of attitude can lock us into repeating the very energy patterns of the past that we are so keen on getting rid of in the new year that we are so excited to begin. To truly free ourselves from the patterns responsible for designing the life we lived/are living and desire to change, we must shift our relationship with and to these aspects, from fighting or fleeing to owning and embracing all we're seeing.

To open the space so better can grow, we can take a moment to acknowledge the good and not-so-good of 2022. Before we embark upon this new journey of discovery that 2023 will be for us, let's take a moment to give thanks for 2022 and all it held for you. If you're like most humans that will be some good stuff, some not-so-good stuff, some okay stuff, some frustrating stuff, some delicious stuff, some icky stuff, some amazing stuff, some pleasure and some pain, oh, the joys of contrast and duality.

To gain wisdom and get the most out of all we've experienced, including the not-so-good, it's best to move into a state of accepting it all as it is and taking responsibility for creating and drawing it into our orbit--after all, if it exists it was created to be and if we can look at it with the eyes of love we can start to shift what appears. Once we do this we shift back into the driver's seat where we can take in all that is on our road and seek to better understand its purpose in our life so we can navigate the terrain and move along to new discoveries and creations.

Giving thanks to the not-so-good is a shift from how most deal with it, and when we cease fighting it and seek to learn from and understand it we demagnetize it within us, and may begin unraveling the threads tying us up and weighing us down, discharging the negative energy inside us. Doing this work opens us up for new better-feeling energy to move in, to recharge us and remake our lives into better-feeling ones.

What do you appreciate about the past year? Take a moment to thank all the good and the not-so-great that came to visit you in 2022. Did you learn anything from it? Can you own your part in the pain? Can you offer your compassion to it and to yourself and all involved in the drama and trauma?

Can you open your heart and send it off with love? Take a deep breath in through your nose....hold it for 4 seconds, breathe out through your nose or mouth. Repeat 4 times.

Can you declare that you ask and are willing to allow LOVE to heal the past pain and inspire you as you move forward into this new year?

365 new days to give shape and form to new aspects of You, what dreams does your heart hold? What does LOVE desire to create through you? What is your heart telling you that you want for your Physical Body for this coming year?

For your Mental Body?

For your Soul/Emotional Body?

For your Spirit?

For others/your family/friends/pets/community/world/planet?

These next 365 days will be filled with all kinds of experiences. If you connect daily to your Source and place LOVE in your driver's seat you will gain a lot from your journey through 2023. Ask LOVE to protect you, direct you, guide, and provide for you, and let that magic in! All the best blessings to you all, take the good and give thanks for it...take the bad and give thanks for it, and send it all off with LOVE, sharing your unique beautiful self with all you encounter. May 2023 be a year of joy, discovery, peace, abundance, good health, and good habits, and by the time you have traveled through it and are saying good bye to 2023, welcoming 2024, may you have gained more wisdom and satisfaction because you let LOVE lead and inspire you to live your best life.

Make 2023 your bestie and bring your best to it so you can get the best from it!

All my love, Jamie Ferry


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