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Anger's Raging Fires







Raging fires


Red flames




I'm sure you are familiar with the feisty, fiery feeling, that itchy, cranky, irritated wave that rises up from your belly out of the top of your head making you want to scream, hit, shake, or squash or destroy whatever is triggering that wave of emotion to rise within you... But to clarify in the event you've never encountered a thorough definition of ANGER, it is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility causing distress in the physical body.

Underneath all anger is hurt and disappointed feelings. We may cover up our hurt with anger in an attempt to be or feel less vulnerable, as a shield of protection, but while anger can motivate it is more apt to wound and destroy and diminish one's strength and power.

Anger repressed, denied, stuffed down builds up and threatens to explode. The longer it is denied, repressed, or suppressed the stronger it grows.

When it is turned towards oneself it expresses as depression, a condition affecting many people on this beautiful planet. Chronic repression or suppression causes it to build up, weighing heavier on the mind and heart and body, dragging one down and causing disease inside the physical body.

Anger is a natural emotion within Duality's emotional spectrum, but it's a danger when left repressed or unchecked. Just as fire can provide warmth when we're cold it can also burn us and destroy our homes and our lives. The energy of anger is experienced in the physical body as inflammation and eruptions--think volcanic activity and the force it has. Inflammation is the cause of many diseases plaguing humanity, and stored, repressed anger is a cause of much emotional and mental dis-ease that builds the physical disease and accidents. Eruptions can be bodily conditions like heartburn or acne/pimples/rashes/skin issues, or experiences like accidents or fights. Our physical body and environment acts like a mirror attempting to show us what is going on inside of us. The liver processes the energy of anger on the emotional level, and on the physical level it filters blood from the digestive tract before it goes to the rest of the body. It also detoxifies chemicals from the body and blood, metabolizes drugs, and makes proteins for many functions of the body.

Anger, being an emotion means it is a magnetic energy that will draw experiences and conditions towards us that will activate or allow us to experience it within our body and emotional field. This happens to give us the chance to see what emotions we hold within our body's cells, so that we may experience, understand, and then release them, returning to a state of balance and emotional well-being.

We are spiritual beings experiencing ourselves as humans made up of physical, mental, and emotional energy. As emotional beings feeling anger is perfectly normal, but acting from anger will only create more anger and pain inside of us and the ones receiving our angry actions. The reason for this is because whatever emotional aspect motivating the action will expand through the interaction; energy is designed to expand itself from whatever energetic frequency it is presently being. While lashing out from anger can wound and inflict more pain on the ones receiving our actions and our own inner body, feeling anger and communicating that in a respectful, honest manner with the desire to create connection can build bridges between individuals previously disconnected or separated by opposing viewpoints and a lack of understanding.

When tempers flare and rage

take time and turn the page to a calmer state of being.

In rage we're weakened; just like steel, normally strong, weeps and quivers in the hot furnace's flames, we lose our power and strength to create solutions and give ourselves over only to destruction. With our words and deeds we burn down the very bridges we need to cross over.

Whatever motivates our actions increases that motivating energy state through the actions and consequences arising from the actions taken. Before you ACT FROM anger, ACT UPON the anger within you from a space of LOVE and concern for those parts of you. Look into all the feelings that are stimulated inside of you. Give voice to them, acknowledging them and their feelings to yourself and do whatever you need to move the emotions from your body (massage, exercise, run, swim, walk, hit a boxing bag, spend time in nature, swim, dance, scream into a pillow, go to a batting cage to hit some balls, jump up and down, clean, etc.) then act from the space of LOVE--what would be most loving for yourself and the others involved?

Anger is not something we should be ashamed of or ignore or deny, but it is important that we address the situation with emotional maturity and responsibility--our emotional reactions to various situations are OUR emotions and OUR responsibility (*This includes when we are empathic and picking up on other's emotions, if we feel it then we also contain it. This doesn't take away the responsibility from the other, but we must own the feelings and transform them within us through unconditional acceptance, understanding, and conscious intent). The consequences arising from our choices are also our responsibility.

Acknowledge your anger and all the different types and degrees of it when it is activated within. Decide what experience you desire to have, more things to be angry about, or a chance to take some of this anger inside of you, that was stimulated by something happening outside of you, all so that you could see the energy you carry INSIDE of you, and heal it, lifting it from the low angry space through your healing heart and turning its light back on.

Yes, that is the gift of experience, you experience your inner energy through the mirror of your outer reality. If it's light you can keep creating with it as light; if it's shadow the same is true, you can keep creating more darkness, OR you can take the darkness and make it light again by taking it through your heart field.

We are playing within Duality and as such contain positive and negative mental and emotional energy that builds our living experiences, but are not stuck with the negative energy--we have the power to transform and reprogram the negative energy threads within us by using the frequencies inside of our Heart and its four chambers.

On that note, Got Negativity?

Come learn with me how to transmute your negative mental and emotional energy building the challenges in life and pain in your body.

Class will be Wednesday October 17th, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. PST with a video conference call.

I've been writing about this and teaching it for some time, but this will be my first official class--because, it's time. You can be part of the beta online class, getting access to some ancient wisdom, including a method called

The Heart's Alchemical Transmutation Process that was downloaded to me during my intense spiritual journey through my wounded self and that I have used to heal and transform so much emotional, mental, and physical pain held within my soul's pain body from this lifetime and all connected incarnations/seeming past lives that were coming up to be integrated. I will take you through the energy work with an issue that you are presently dealing with and would love to create some healing for. I'll provide some scripts for you to get you started with your dialogue with the wounded parts of your inner field so that you will be equipped to deal with whatever comes up in the future.

The cost of the class is $250.00 Payable through PayPal or Venmo--that's 50% off what I charge for 3 (30 minute) coaching sessions. :)

We will learn some of the basic information on the dynamics of subtle energy: The nature of energy: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

(1)Unity: SOURCE

(2)Duality: the Original negative and positive charge; the positive and negative energy polar aspects: The Feminine Heart and Masculine Mind of the Original LOVE and LIGHT, and the temporary Opposite Not LOVE and Shadow aspects; The God Within and the Human

(3)Trinity: LOVE, LIGHT, CREATION; Heart, Mind, Manifestation; Emotional, Mental, and Physical, or Mother, Father, and Child

(4)Quattro/Diamond or Kite Aspect: The Alpha and Omega.

The Healing Heart and the Energies in its 4 Chambers known as The Heart's Alchemical Transmutation Process, with the 7 A's of the Process.

As you do your spiritual work and energy transformation you build your Light Body and move closer to being the En-LIGHT-ened One that your Higher Soul already is--the Christed One within your Heart.

I look forward to helping you rediscover your heart's power to change your inner energy and outer reality.

So without further ado, if you want to learn how to change your negative vibrations into more positive ones, to reclaim your power over the energy of your life, and be part of this Beta class experience sign up by sending me an email to:

and I will send you the pertinent information and invite for the conference call session.

$250 for the class Payable to PayPal:

OR Venmo:

Anger is acidic, it corrodes the heart and corrupts the cells.

Joy and LOVE, the sweetness that softens the rigid and heals the harm.

When you feel the GRRRR growing in your belly and throat,

shift into the sweetness and get your giggle on;

Ease into lightness, breeze into airiness

and make some good from the wrong.

All my love, Jamie

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