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Failed too many times, don't want to try again?

The memories of failures past can make one shy,

too scared to try again...

But to fly again

we MUST move into motion.

The little eaglet doesn't take flight on the first attempt; it must build its wings and courage strong and take as long as it takes.

You too can carry your timid and cowardly into Courage's arms and fly into and towards the dreams in your Heart.

Success is a town that can take a while to get to, but the journey to it can be a wonderful and worthy adventure if you can remain open and committed to reaching it... no matter how many roadblocks or detours you face along the way.

Let's do some healing to shift some of the pain of failure inside of us so that we may open up the space for greater success.

Positive Affirmations:

I fully accept the failures in me and my life, and desire for them be healed and feel good again. They taught me a great deal and I appreciate it all. I now rededicate their energy to my successes.

I accept all the feelings and thoughts connected to failure. I choose to send them all back into my healing heart and offer them back to my success.

I fully support the dreams planted in me. I ask for and allow them to be watered and grow into being, sharing their beauty with me and allowing me to create more beauty in the world.

I am exactly where I need to be and so are my dreams and goals. I am connected to the SOURCE in me that knows everything that needs to happen and what I need to do. I easily understand this guidance and follow it without hesitation.

Now take a deep breath in and release it.

Be respectful to be successful...respectful of your dreams and plans...of your ability to act...of the necessary assistance and help of others...of challenges and failures, and your ability to persevere. Success takes time, but it feels divine. Keep at it, you are born to fly!

All my love, Jamie

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