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Get Off Your Phone, Get Into Life!

Hey human, you're a biological and an electromagnetic being, you spend hours connecting to your electric phones, computers, laptops, televisions, lights, florescent lights, absorbing an abundant stream of electric energy and its positive ions (disturbing to the health and wellbeing of the human body in large quantities). When was the last time you put your bare feet on the Earth or in a natural body of water (stream, lake, river, ocean), or your bare hand(s) on the grass, sand, dirt, rocks, a tree, flower? Water and Earth elements represent the magnetic, receptive healing energy of the Divine Feminine Mother Source Aspect, while Fire and Air represent the electric, active energy of Masculine Father Source Aspect. While we are made up of both Feminine, the negative charge, and Masculine, the positive charge, and we all know within Duality positive qualities are good-feeling aspects, while negative qualities are bad-feeling aspects, where ions are concerned they act opposite to this. It is the positive ions that are wearing and more detrimental to the health and wellbeing of the body and mental and emotional self. Positive Ions, those things that hold a positive electrical charge, are found in most forms of pollution, toxic chemicals in cleaning products, carpets, new upholstery and (off-gassing) , pollen, mold, pet dander, and other harmful chemicals in the air.

The negative ions on the other hand are healing, restorative, nourishing to the human being, body, mind, and soul. They help regulate moods, dispersing the hyper, agitated electrical frequencies that can energetically fry the brain and make the body and its cells uncomfortable and diseased. You the container, carrying around those cells, are experiencing their emotional and mental reality. If they are uncomfortable you end up being uncomfortable. Negative ions strengthen the body's immune system, and help with sleeping issues, by balancing the natural circadian rhythms.

Nature is always seeking balance in all things, there is a flow of energy, give and take between all things. And we humans are part of nature, so we need balance and a good dose of healing negative ions to be healthy in body and sane in mind and emotions. Most of the cells of our human body are negatively charged, while much of things that are toxic to the body in varying degrees are positively charged. Negative ions are molecules with an extra electrons. They are inhaled and then enter our bloodstream where they produce biochemical reactions and bind with toxic free radicals, as well as acting as a buffer to electromagnetic fields from electronic devices and power facilities surrounding us.

Nature is healing for the human. Clean fresh air and water are crucial elements for the health, wellbeing, and vitality of the human being, not only for the physical body, but also for the mental and emotional health, as all parts work together to help optimal functioning. We see the healing energy in action when we witness storms. Water as it falls through the space and interacts with the air molecules forms negative ions. These healing ions are generated in abundance around moving water (ocean waves and shorelines with the crashing waves, rivers, streams, waterfalls, natural rain, and in showers (running water), and in dense forests and mountainous regions, which have trees and plants in abundance generating fresh and ample supplies of oxygenated air combining with lots of moisture (water molecules).

Salt lamps, negative ion generators, and running fountains are also devices you can install in your home environment to increase the amount of negative ions floating around your space.

Technology is a tool, and like any tool can be helpful or harmful. Use it with balance in mind and you will find it can be most useful, but abuse it, and you will be abused and drained by it.

Technology connects us but can keep us disconnected from the present physical environment and all the beauty held within it. We are human beings, meant to be interactive beings with the beings that are around us. Sure we can interact with other human beings over the lines and in the virtual worlds existing inside our little rectangular friends, but nothing can beat face to face, body to body, soul to soul, real live in person contact, interaction, and communication.

Communication is how we transfer information and data between each other, and is occurring on multiple levels at all times. It is the essence of all we are, as the cells in our body communicate their vibrational frequencies to each other and every other part of the body and external field, and receive the other's communication back. We generally communicate with words but also subtle ways via touch and body language, and invisible thought and feeling vibrations that emanate from us. Our thoughts stimulate matching feelings and our feelings magnetically draw experiences towards us that mirror and activate those feelings inside of us and others. All interactions, but most powerfully touch (physical contact or energetic/mentally intended with the subtle body), involve a transfer of energy between one field and another, as the cells of one field connect and communicate to the cells of another field, generating healing and greater understanding through the physical connection and interaction. Sure we can lovingly appreciate our electric, mechanical, technological friends and all they do and make possible for us (they are quite amazing!), but it's important that we foster and build our actual human relationships by giving our full and present attention to those that surround us. It's also important to realize how the electrical energy of our devices impacts us and our physical body, and to make sure we have plenty of balance to the electrical charges we receive from our devices (air and fire), which means earth and water energy: spending time in nature, near and in water, and drinking plenty of clean water.

Yes I know you are reading this article on either your phone, tablet, laptop or computer, and am truly grateful for these things and how they connect us all in the wonderful ways they do, but try to take some time to get off of your phone and get into your life, into your body, and into the natural environment around you. Take time to be present with nature in all her glorious, healing beauty, and take time to be present with all the beautiful people and creatures around you--you know, the ones that live outside of your little rectangular glowing friend that you carry in your hand. They are matter and they matter, let them know they matter to you!

All my love, Jamie

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