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Anger Exploding and Eroding

We humans are a collection of the elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. To be healthy these elements must be in balance within us. When we are stuck within a chronic frequency of anger these elements take on that energy within us and create challenges and pain for us.

Fire: RAGING, Destructive

Air: Under Pressure, Gas Explosions

Earth: Quakes, Avalanche, Volcanic Explosions of Lava

Water: Steam, Boiling

ANGRY Elements burn and bury us.

Burn--Water, Fire, Air


Blow a gasket, go haywire, go berserk, go ballistic, blow one's top, go ape, lose one's mind, freak out, go off the deep end, crack up, wig out, blow one's top...

We know how it feels to be angry, and we see the evidence of its destructive power all around us in the tragedies that happened and continue to happen in our society and world. History has shown the shadow effects of these dark and heavy emotions and wrath's path to destruction for all who unknowingly and knowingly wield these fiery energies. These feelings exist, there's no denying that, so what are we as a collective and as individuals to do to better handle the weight of anger's burdens?

With all emotions, there are different degrees and levels of intensity that can be experienced by all. We as a soul-spirit being are in a human body to play with exploring, experiencing, and expressing the myriad emotional, mental and physical energies, and then learning from and through them and all they make possible. We cannot control others and how they deal with or do not deal with their emotions, but we can work on ourselves and model good behavior, AND we can reclaim the energy threads held within others who are reflecting the negativity we experience and perceive. Whatever we perceive in the outside world we hold energetic threads inside our body; so by unconditionally compassionately embracing the negative aspects we see in others and then reclaiming these parts within ourselves, we heal the energy we see outside inside of us, and simultaneously increase the strength of the positive and diminish the negative in the larger field. When we work with the energy in this way, by embracing the negative it doesn't mean we condone that behavior, but rather that we desire to transform that behavior into something that feels better. In order to do this, we must stop resisting and judging the energy, and begin taking it back through our heart field.

Our anger left unaddressed, repressed, denied, and distressed will destroy us, for it, a wild beast who knows no bounds, consuming everything in its path like fire upon our fields. It is our body and heart that helps our head to understand what emotions feel like, and LOVE'S waters are the only thing to soothe the beast in us, transforming our pain into ease. In order to have a healthy relationship with anger so that it doesn't consume us, it is not to deny we are angry, for there are parts of us the Higher We shaped to be so, and they hold our anger, fury, rage, resentment, frustration, aggravation, and agitation, all so we can create living experiences using these energies--the rainbow of colors and emotions exist to be painted with. Neither are we meant to judge the feelings of anger in self or others; judging or condemning natural feelings only increases the quantity and strength of the emotions being judged, and invites others to judge us back, making healing difficult. Nor are we to act from these feelings unless we desire to create more of them through our actions. If we desire to heal emotions we must seek to understand them and bring peace to them, transforming their reality and our own. Our job is to grow our conscious understanding of what the feelings feel like and to seek love's solutions to restore connection and harmony within ourselves and each other. In our understanding, we develop compassion for these wounded parts of ourselves and in others, and in our compassion healing is possible.

We have trillions of cells in our physical body, and each cell contains a host of vibrational energetic codes and memories (thought, feeling, experience) stored inside the threads of our DNA and imprinted in our blood and tissues in the water they contain (water is magnetic and receptive). The breath goes in, passing through the head (mental field), and the heart (emotional field) as it travels through the nostrils/mouth into the upper and lower lungs, and turns on certain thoughts and emotions, which haven't been integrated into our wholeness, that then play out all around us and within us, allowing us to SEE them through the form of our experience. With so many cells and chemical reactions going on inside of us, causing us to bump against and interact with others, we are bound to run into the anger within being stimulated. Anger is held inside of us in many shades and levels of intensity. We may be annoyed, impatient, hostile, stressed, pissed off, simmering, perturbed, peeved, mad, infuriated, raging, seething, bent on revenge, or ready to blow up at any minor infraction. Anger in un-channeled action attacks to destroy; it is an acidic emotion that sets up inflammation in the being and the body, consuming the body's healthy cells and tissue, festering within until it is acknowledged and released in healthy ways. Anger in the positive can be a useful force that can be channeled to create change, to drive momentum forward to address issues, areas, and relationships that are out of balance, and get individuals looking for ways to restore greater harmony and health.

We are here to experience and then become the master of our emotions, stopping to see what lies within, taking the time to understand it, letting it know it is seen and valued, but then for us to question whether this is the energy we desire to create with, knowing that we will get more of what we act from. Where anger is concerned, I can be angry and then think angry thoughts or thoughts that feed and grow my anger, triggering me to ACT from the anger, doing angry things that only create more anger and pain in me and others, OR, I can be angry and try to discover why that feeling is being activated in me, looking at what part of me is angry and why it feels that way? I can then choose to bring peace to these parts of me, letting them know they are seen and loved, and address the situation from a space of love and understanding that desires to create connection and resolution.

Experiencing anger is perfectly normal, but acting from anger only creates more of that feeling for all involved. Even if you temporarily feel justified or vindicated in your retaliation you will carry the wounds you inflict upon others inside yourself, and eventually, you will face these same energies as they return back to you trying to come home to the heart and be loved for what they are. Within Duality on this planet, we are bound by the Law of Cause and Effect. It's the whole, "You reap what you sow" energy exchange, so sowing seeds of love when the winds and fires of anger blow helps to preserve your body, mind, and soul. When we act from love instead of anger we are able to heal the situation more effectively. The different parts of us just want to be seen and accepted for their feelings and thoughts. This doesn't mean they are correct in their perception, or that those are the things we desire to be creating more of, but nothing is wrong or bad for being what it is, it merely is what it is, which is what it was made to be. Each of us can choose whether we like the way it is, looking to see if it makes us feel good or bad, and if bad, then to remake it into a better feeling energy by being good to it, by compassionately loving and understanding it, reclaiming and renaming it LOVE'S LIGHT.

All kinds of things can trigger an individual's anger. The more you meditate and have a strong spiritual practice the less potent your anger becomes and the more control you have over its expression. The more you exercise, sweat and breathe deep, the more you move the stuck and trapped emotions out of your tissues and body. Being conscious of your diet and keeping acid-forming foods and liquids to a minimum, as well as including probiotics and good bacteria helps set up your inner ecosystem to maintain a state of health and balance, helping regulate your emotions. Spending time in nature, with bare skin contacting the earth (dirt, grass, sand, plants, trees, ocean, natural moving bodies of water, waterfalls, streams, rivers, the air after thunderstorms or first rain, and indoor showers gives your body field an energy bath of healing negative ions and helps your mood. Artistic expression, writing, journalling, dance, crafts, hobbies that make you happy are all ways to balance and process your emotions.

If you are angry, take a deep breath in and slowly release it, then look into why you are angry, choosing to bring peace to these parts of you by honoring their feelings and beliefs. No feeling or thought is right or wrong, but whatever the type, positive or negative, it will create more of that energy. So it is up to us to decide what type of energetic creations we desire to create from our actions and state of being. Then after you have restored yourself to balance you can decide what you will do in response to the situation, if anything. Returning to a state of balance and peace before you act will create more peace and balance from your actions, instead of acting from anger, which will only create more anger.

And if you desire to see less anger in your life and the external world, reclaim the anger you see in others as a part of your own and then take those threads of anger back up and through your heart field, healing them with the acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, and love in your heart as you INTEND and DECLARE them to BE LOVE and LIGHT again. In doing this you will reactivate the spot in your body field that matches it, and then the matching 'you' in all you see will also be healed, becoming a point of light in the other(s), regardless of their relationship to you. With each healing you perform on yourself you build your LIGHT Body, moving one step and spot closer towards becoming the Enlightened ONE. As you change the world inside of you, you subtly impact the world outside of you, and make yourself more powerfully effective to positively impact the world in physical and concrete ways as well. How? Because your field is charged up and more anchored in the light and it's from this space that you receive guidance and inspiration to help more light grow, both in you and the world you see. We are the change we desire to see. Be the LOVE inside your heart and help the hurt heal!

All my love, Jamie

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