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Get your dose of Positivity... words of wisdom in a world of wonder and woe. Worthy shipments of LOVE & inspiration.

Welcome to Positivity Port, a port of positivity, harbor of harmony, inlet of inspiration... Come soak in LOVE'S healing waters of wholeness. This site lovingly offers you a positive perspective, helping you to see the emotional, mental, and physical shadows in a new light, transforming the wounded to wholeness and the division to union, as we build a better world together with the LOVE and brilliance in our hearts and heads!

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About Me

Welcome to a space of positivity and love for humanity and all of the world. I am Jamie Ferry, a Light Worker and energy healer for the world, teacher, poetic writer, entrepreneur, spiritual cheerleader, and so much more! I struggled with depression for a very long time and through meditation, exercise, yoga, voracious reading, and spiritual seeking, self-analysis, dreamwork, teaching myself about nutrition for mental, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing I healed myself, or rather, reconnected to the powerful healing power within my Heart center, the connection to the GOD within and the ability to transmute and heal the negative mental, emotional, and physical energy aspects.  

My mission is to bring more positive energy and healing into the world, inspire and help people find a better way to perceive the negative, healing it with our Heart's understanding. Our Heart has four chambers that hold the key to unlock the negative energy threads and reprogram them back to their original LOVE and LIGHT aspect. By taking the negative we see with our mind and eyes, and feel in our body through our experiences, back into our heart, we can transmute and transform the energy threads building the negative in the world and our lives. I love the double meaning of "port" as it is a place of business, commerce, and shipments, and in computer terms, a physical place to plug a device into. is here to either sail or plug into whenever you need a dose of positivity and to be reminded of your brilliance and innate perfection. Welcome! 


I offer LOVE'S view of life, bringing the Heart's understanding to all of reality, adding a little bit of love and light to all in the world. All perspectives make up the whole; this is one of them, and it intends to be positive and beneficial. I desire to help humans understand, love, heal and transform their inner mental, emotional, spiritual energy, and the outer experience and form, so they and the world can feel and be better.

My religion is LOVE. To me, all religions or viewpoints have value and wisdom connected to the Eternal. While I intend to offer positive words, perspectives, and encouragement to humans, I would never seek to impose any perspective on anyone. Everyone is free to look at what I say, use what resonates with them and let go of what doesn't. To me everything that exists is the GOD Source Energy (The Great One Divine Source Energy), displaying in a multitude of ways. I will at times refer to GOD and God, The Divine, Source, Great Mystery, The Universe, The Infinite and Eternal, The ALL, etc., feel free to apply your own ideas of what the Great Creative Spirit is to you. In addition to offering a positive perspective, I offer for purchase positive Products and Apparel:

Inspired, Elevated, Created with LOVE, as well as digital products and courses pertaining to dealing with and transmuting our negative mental and emotional energy. 

When you own and wear the products I designed, you get to be the beautiful bright light you are, reminding others of their inner light and beauty along the way. Connect into and spread the good vibes wherever you go. Be the change, grow your LOVE. Thanks and tons of blessings. May your life be filled with beauty, and your abundance abound! 

All my love, Jamie Ferry

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PRIVACY POLICY: All visitors and shoppers to this site are valued and respected, and any information collected will never be sold to or shared with other parties, except those involved in expediting the purchase/delivery, and only the relevant information will be shared. 


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